Paul F. Taylor

Paul Taylor — prolific author, concert pianist and composer, high school science teacher, website programmer and ICT trainer, creation speaker and debater — joined Creation Today in April 2011 as Director of Ministry Development. Speaking and writing on the subject of creation science for more than 35 years, Paul brings a vast background of knowledge and training to the Creation Today team.

Born near Manchester, England, Paul graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, and obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Cardiff. Both are part of the Russell Group, the elite group of 20 British universities, equivalent to the Ivy League colleges in the United States. Teaching science in state comprehensive schools in both England’s North-West and South Wales, Paul earned post of Department Head of Science. Most recently, Paul was the senior speaker and manager of Answers In Genesis UK/Europe, the United Kingdom branch of the creation organization based in Hebron, Kentucky. In his role at AIG—UK, Paul served as itinerant speaker in Britain, Ireland, Europe and the United States, appearing on radio and TV programs debating with noted atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Steve Jones. Paul has authored nine books including The Six Days of Genesis, No Time for Itching Ears, and Don’t Miss the Boat.

Paul served well as co-host of the popular Creation Today Show Seasons One, Two and Three. His dry, British humor, his scientifically genus mind, and his thorough and solid foundation in Scripture shined through in all 96 episodes. These may be viewed online at Paul’s continued research and writing in the apologetics field continue to aid in the Creation Today Show production.

In August 2014, visualizing the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with other ministries offered by Mount St Helens Creation Center (7 Wonders Museum) located at Silverlake, Washington near the volcano, Creation Today commissioned Paul Taylor to serve as Director of the museum. He is planning and coordinating programs designed to promote creation education, activities, and overall development of the ministry. He and his family are collaborating with other ministry members to establish goals and objectives to encourage program participation, scheduling speakers, handling administrative details, and developing/directing study courses or religious education programs such as media and speaking engagements, television, and radio interviews, and scholarly written content.

Paul is married to Geraldene, “Geri.” Geri is also a former schoolteacher, having taught language and special needs to many different age ranges – from kindergarten to adult male prisoners. Also an author, Geri co-authored the children’s book Frankie’s School Day. Paul and Geri are excited by the ministry opportunities afforded at the Mount St Helen’s Creation Center where they are currently assigned. To follow the adventures of Paul Taylor and his family, check out their new blog on the Mount St Helens Creation Center website: