Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, how can God’s people be reassured there is a LOVING God?  With many questioning how the tsunami of suffering and death can flood our entire world if there is a Faithful God who created the entire universe, YOU need ANSWERS! Luke 12:6-7 tells us God cares about the sparrows that fall, and reassures us that He cares much more for His children!  To vividly illustrate this truth, we are going to Alaska to bring you Amazing Animals that teach God’s Goodness. Enjoy a FREE On-Demand Family Movie Event that beautifully communicates this powerful truth.

Creation Today in partnership with Biblical Discipleship Ministries invites you to a FREE Movie Event this Saturday, April 25, featuring the award-winning film, Amazing Animals of Alaska.

Watch the Trailer:

Dr. Jobe Martin and our friends take you on an exciting expedition to Alaska where you will learn incredible facts about how much our LOVING Creator God cares about Alaska’s creatures even amid their challenging environment, and how much more He cares about you and me! Share this link with your family and friends for a “social distancing approved” event reassuring us that God, our wise creator and Abba Father, is indeed a loving God!