The topic of slavery is a sensitive subject for most people – and for good reason! Although the practice of selling and owning other people has existed for centuries in all different cultures and contexts, we often see a particular type of slavery (chattel slavery) discussed today. This type of slavery is when one person has total ownership of another and treats them as a piece of property with no rights whatsoever. 

Historically, however, there were different types of slaves, with most of them being individuals who were enslaved to pay off a debt or crime. This is exactly what my friend, Vocab Malone, discussed on the Creation Today Show “Is Biblical Slavery Justified?”. This simple step of defining the terms we are working with makes a huge difference!

Although the Bible makes it very clear from the beginning that slavery is evil since it does not treat people as Image-bearers, the rules surrounding slavery in the Bible make it very clear that God gave radical instructions to His people about how to treat slaves humanely in a time where indentured servitude was common. Vocab makes several points about how God condemns slavery throughout the Bible, and uses language about setting the captives free! It is clear that the Bible does not condone nor justify slavery in any way!

We have a sin problem in this world, not a skin problem. Without Jesus, we are all slaves to sin, which is opposite of what God wants for us. Vocab reiterates this point and encourages us to point others to the truth of God’s Word so they can experience true FREEDOM!! You don’t want to miss this enlightening and informative show. Enjoy!