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On this week’s episode of the Creation Today Show, Eric and Ben had the opportunity to interview former co-host, Paul Taylor. Earlier this year, Creation Today was pleased to send Paul and his family to Washington State where they now run the 7 Wonders Museum at the foot of Mount St. Helens. Founded in 1998 by Lloyd and Doris Anderson, the 7 Wonders Museum has exhibitions, an auditorium for presentations, a bookshop with creation literature and tourist novelties, as well as interpretive guided tours of the mountain.

Following its eruption in May of 1980, Mount St. Helens has become a perfect, real-time example of how high energy events can create changes to the earth’s landscape very, very rapidly. Many of the geologic formations witnessed around the globe were re-created in a few short weeks after the eruption, showing that it does not take millions of years for geologic layers and canyons to form.

Upon observing the hummocks created by fluid dynamics at Mount St. Helens, a secular professor was recently convinced that the Genesis account of Noah’s Flood is absolutely true and perfectly explains the geological evidence we see today at the Grand Canyon and all over the world.

Please visit the Museum’s website to find out more about Mount St. Helens, Paul Taylor, and the 7 Wonders Museum. Also prayerfully consider visiting the museum in Washington or making a donation to further the ministry there.

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Mount St. Helens continues to stand as a Monument to Catastrophe