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Grand Canyon Rim Tour & Rafting Trip: The Ultimate Creation Experience

Like You’ve NEVER seen it BEFORE!

June 7-10 2018
With Eric Hovind of Creation Today
Russ Miller of Creation Science Ministries
& Jayson Payne of Creation and Earth History Museum

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 Trip Details:

The Grand Canyon is America’s most recognized landmark and one of the top tools used by secularists to support “billions of years” and Darwinism. Spend two fun-filled days rafting and exploring the chasm with Eric and Russ! You will be amazed at the Truth of God’s Word seen at Grand Canyon and your faith will be emboldened! Whether young or old, this is a great Christian Rim Tour of Grand Canyon and an awesome river raft opportunity to see the Canyon from the bottom up. So bring your family and friends and experience the Grand Canyon through a Biblical worldview. We book all hotels, meals and tours so you can enjoy a great weekend!

Rafts and Hilltops


  • Guided walks that accommodate your abilities.
  • User friendly 17-mile raft trip on the Colorado River around famous Horseshoe Bend where 800 foot tall canyon walls tower above. Petroglyphs, Bighorn sheep, chuckwalla, osprey, wild horses and eagles are often seen.
  • Luxury bus travel, raft trip, quality hotel accommodations and meals are arranged. You simply join the tour and enjoy the experience.
  • The tour begins and ends in Phoenix, AZ (flights not included).
  • Itinerary: June 7-10, 2018

Group and Canyons


Single Adults are only $880.00

Double Occupancy Adults are only $759.00

Kids staying with two paid adults are just $649.00.


Grand Canyon Tour

*Limited to 50 travelers on a first-come-first-served basis.

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