A common theme you hear from parents is how parenting is so challenging yet so rewarding at the same time! But my guest on the Creation Today Show, “The Art of Raising Children”, Avery Foley, says that parenting is sanctifying. A huge foundational part of parenting is teaching children how the Bible applies to everyday life, and doing that well requires a consistent discipline of being in the Word.

Mrs. Foley encourages parents to saturate their children in the Word of God, or, as she puts it, “we swim in the Word of God.” This strategy informs biblical parenting so that children learn not to just “put off” the wrong behavior, but also understand why they must “put on” the righteous behavior! Mrs. Foley emphasizes that this is important because biblical parenting is not behavior modification, but heart transformation. When you teach your children the Word of God, they will have hearts that are bent towards Him and obeying His commands instead of just blindly following rules because their behavior is always being corrected.

This is hard work! It takes diligent practice, lots of trial and error, and definitely lots of prayer! But every struggle is worth it. As Mrs. Foley puts it, “Your children’s spiritual legacy is more important than whatever else is going on.” Parents must prioritize the spiritual wellbeing of their children over any activities, social gatherings, or school functions. Eternity matters, and parents have a huge role in helping their children become “heavenly-minded.”

You don’t want to miss this fun and powerful conversation about what true biblical parenting looks like. Whether you are in the trenches of parenting, long past your parenting days, or don’t have kids of your own, you are sure to be encouraged by Mrs. Foley’s encouragement towards sanctification. Get ready to smile and laugh throughout this whole show!