If you’ve ever attempted a “Bible in One Year” reading plan, you probably got to a point where you felt stuck in an endless cycle of reading a lot of names and “so-and-so begat so-and-so,” for verse after verse. Welcome, my friends, to genealogies! I know they don’t always sound exciting, but my friend Henry Smith totally changed that perception with his comments in the Creation Today show, “Genealogies of Genesis”.

Did you know that scholars have debated the timelines presented in various ancient manuscripts of the Bible? The Hebrew Masoretic text gives a different timeline than the Greek Septuagint does, which ultimately leads to a difference of over 1,000 years of history! Could it all be one big misunderstanding, or, is it possible that changes to the timeline are related to a – dare I say – conspiracy theory? Genealogies are already sounding a lot more interesting, right?

Before you freak out over that idea, allow me to explain. The Jewish leaders who had control over the manuscripts did not believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah. If the timeline presented in the manuscripts gave any sort of impression that Jesus was the promised Savior, there would be great incentive for those leaders to make some changes to the manuscripts. This was their livelihood and pride at stake!

Again, this is a theory produced by one interpretation of the evidence. There are countless ways to look at this topic, so you won’t want to miss what Henry Smith has to say! Whether you are a skeptic or are already convinced, be sure to take some time out of your day to check out this fascinating conversation. You are sure to be blessed by what Mr. Smith discusses, and how he discusses it.