Dr. William Lane Craig’s new book “In Quest of the Historical Adam” is a TRAINWRECK! It is creating confusion about the Bible without acknowledging ANY of the arguments presented by mainstream Biblical Creationists.  In fact, his new book argues Adam and Eve were “Mytho History”… like folklore… and could have evolved! This new idea is attempting to combine a little bit of Evolution, all of the Old Earth interpretations of science, and some other stuff he has made up on the way!

Thankfully, because his views don’t line up with science and they don’t line up with Scripture, they are easy to Debunk!

Join Eric Hovind and Dr. Tim Chaffey as they compare the teachings of William Lane Craig to Science and Scripture. 

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Dr. Tim Chaffey

Risen MinistriesApologist & Author

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