Day by day can be a grind; that’s why it is important to take time to reflect back on what God has done! For our last show of 2023, we invite a few of our ministry friends to share with us how God has used their ministries in 2023 and ask them to pray for all of us as we head into 2024. 
Join Eric Hovind as he hosts Ken Ham, Tim Barton, Shea Houdmann, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne (E.Z.), Mark Spence, and Curt Blattman for updates from our ministries and prayers for 2024.

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Curt Blattman

Bible ApologeticsAuthor

Ken Ham

Answers in GenesisCEO

Tim Barton


Shea Michael Houdmann

Got Questions MinistriesFounder, President, and CEO

Ray Comfort

Living WatersFounder & CEO

Emeal "E.Z." Zwayne

Living WatersPresident

Mark Spence

Living WatersVice President of Outreach

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