It’s DANGEROUS, and it’s GROWING! Have you heard of the group trying to convince the population that the “black people” who were brought over as slaves from Africa are the real Jewish people of the Old Testament? 

Among the Black Hebrew Movement’s many unbiblical teachings is their interpretation of   Revelation 13:10. The passage begins, “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity.” To their proponents, this means that since “white people” took “black people” as slaves, the “white people” will become slaves of the “black man.” They link the second part of the Revelation passage, “he that killeth with the sword shall be killed with the sword,” to Isaiah 14:21 which says: “Prepare slaughter for his children.” What do you think that means in terms of this movement?

Join Eric Hovind and Vocab Malone for an in depth look at the rising, threatening movement known as “The Black Hebrew Israelites.”