>>>Possum, Redwood Tree, and Kidney Bean: “Our Ancestors”

Possum, Redwood Tree, and Kidney Bean: “Our Ancestors”

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A Spoof on Evolution Theory

The theory of evolution teaches that living things are becoming more complex as time progresses. Because the chromosomes in living matter are one of the most complex bits of matter in the known universe, it would seem logical to assume that organisms with the least number of chromosomes were the first ones to evolve and those with the most chromosomes are the end result of millions of years of evolution experimenting to increase complexity in living organisms. From the chart, it is “obvious” that we all started off as penicillin with only 2 chromosomes, and that we slowly evolved into fruit flies. After many millions of years we turned into tomatoes (or house flies) and so on, until we reached the human stage with 46 chromosomes. One of our ancestors must have been one of the identical triplets—possums, redwood trees, and kidney beans—with 22 chromosomes each.

If we are allowed to continue evolving, we may someday be tobacco plants, and maybe we may even become carp with 100- or maybe even the ultimate life-form, a fern with 480 chromosomes!

Don’t you believe it! God made this world and all life-forms, as recorded in the Bible.

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