Exposing the Lies in Science Textbooks On Demand Webinar

Fake Science has pushed our culture even further into the “Post-Truth” era, but publishing “Fake Science” didn’t start with Social Media, or even the Internet, it has been going on for centuries. Many times on accident (and sometimes on purpose), people publish information as “scientific fact.” But what happens when the supposed “Fact” turns out to be “Fake”?

Today we have an entire education system promoting “Fake Science.” How do you expose truth in this world of lies? First, you have to know the TRUTH. How much do you know about the “Fake Science” that is influencing the next generation in our public schools and beyond?

Join Eric Hovind, David McNabb, and Roger Patterson as they expose the fake science in public school textbooks.

While this webinar would normally cost $50, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this class available to everyone for any cost. (Processing & Streaming Fee $5)

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Suggested Amount: $35.00

Minimum Amount: $5.00


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