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God’s Story


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Stories Retold by Becki Dudley

God’s Story is a beautifully illustrated Bible study resource for the entire family. From Genesis to Revelation, the big concepts of the Bible are made easy to understand in a way that adults and children will enjoy. A simple retelling and summary of over 120 accounts from the Old and New Testament reveal God’s redemptive plan for mankind. Together your family will follow the “scarlet thread” of Scripture which points to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Paperback: 200 pages

9 in stock


Stories Retold by Becki Dudley

God’s Story: From Beginning to God’s Return is the perfect supplement to your family’s Bible study time. This beautifully illustrated book offers a classic presentation of God’s salvation plan. Author, Becki Dudley, retells over 120 stories from the Old and New Testament in a way that captivates children, teens, and adults helping all see the big picture of God’s love for mankind expressed through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Uniquely designed to help you intentionally disciple your family, God’s Story includes:

  • True accounts from Bible history retold in an easy-to-understand format
  • Bible references for deeper study
  • Summaries for younger readers
  • Stunning artwork bringing the stories to life
  • Simple definitions of biblical terms
  • “Thread of Hope” pages showing how the stories are tied together

God’s Story reveals the trustworthiness of God’s character and His written Word. From Genesis to Revelation, your family will explore how He communicates to His people, how people fit into His story, and how faithful He is to fulfill His promises. With this Bible study resource, each of your family members will gain a greater understanding of God’s love expressed through Jesus and how their lives are a continuation of His Story.

God’s Story is an ideal resource for family devotions, individual Bible study time, a supplement to Bible curriculum, and an excellent gift. Grandparents enjoy giving God’s Story to impart a legacy of faith to the future generations. Churches offer God’s Story as a special gift in celebration of baby dedications, new families joining the church, baptisms, and more.

Paperback: 200 pages

“Years ago, nearly every family (Christian or not), had a large illustrated family Bible on their coffee table. It was held in high esteem because it was beautiful and ornate, but also because most families recognized the cultural value of the Bible, even if they did not personally believe or obey it. I can’t help but think God’s Story is a contemporary version of these older family Bibles. It is beautifully illustrated and gives an overview of the story of God’s word in an easy to understand format. This is the kind of resource I will want to display in my living room, for guests to flip through (it would also be wonderful in an office waiting room!). But unlike most coffee table books, God’s Story tells the true story of redemption and salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a great resource to read aloud to your children, or gift to your grandchildren. It is a great resource for both churches and families. I look forward to seeing how God will use this unique resource in the lives of thousands as they come to know Him better.”  — Israel Wayne, Author & Speaker

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