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Night At The Creation Museum Movies Tract (100 pack)


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Now you can share the hilarious, entertaining, and educational Night at the Creation Museum and Night at the Ark Encounter Short Films with your loved ones, neighbors, friends, and anyone else you meet! These business-card-sized tracts have a QR code for FREE, easy access to the funny, yet powerful creation witnessing tool.

(100 pack)

Out of stock

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Movie Descriptions:

Experience the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter like never before….AT NIGHT! Join Eric Hovind and Tim Chaffey for this two-part series as they uncover the mysteries of God’s amazing creation, explore the worldwide flood, and give you answers that satisfy your thirst for truth!

Night at the Creation Museum

Follow recently-separated Derick Daley’s (Eric Hovind) first night on the job as Security Guard at the Creation Museum as he wrestles with truth from a new perspective. Ever since his mother died of cancer, he has been even more skeptical of God’s existence. That skepticism suddenly comes face to face with facts from which he can’t run away when Museum Curator Jim (Tim Chaffey) shows up in Derick’s crazy dreams! Adventure ensues as Derick’s mind opens to the truth of Science and Scripture. Even Dr. Danny Faulkner and his trusty sidekick Ted E. Behr join in the fun! This is your chance to experience the Creation Museum like never before . . . AT NIGHT!


Night at the Ark Encounter

Derrick Daley (Eric Hovind) confidently embarks on day two of his new job as night guard. But suddenly, it turns into a life-changing, eye-opening experience as he uncovers the mysteries of the Worldwide Flood! Could there be a boat big enough to hold two of every creature in the world?  Laugh and learn as Derick’s trusty flashlight flashes more light into the matter than he bargained for! Filmed at the one-of-a-kind Ark Encounter attraction in Kentucky, Museum Curator Jim (Tim Chaffey) advises this rookie guard, “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!” Watch Bible history come to life as you experience the Ark Encounter like never before . . . AT NIGHT!


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