Preschool Dinosaur Package


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Fun activities combined with learning all designed for preschool aged children! Start your little one early with truths about a child-favorite—DINOSAURS!


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Dinosaur Fun With Letters

Go on a writing adventure with dinosaurs!

Start your younger learner on a writing adventure with dinosaurs from A to Z!

    • Colorful illustrations enhance this unique multi-skill learning book.
    • Perfect for early learners to practice writing exercises and letter recognition.
    • Children write and wipe away in this great reusable resource.

Learning letters and writing can be so much fun! Each letter is highlighted with a dinosaur starting with that letter, and children are encouraged to trace each one and learn to write it. Children will enjoy practicing over and over again as they enjoy some of God’s wonderful dinosaurs, which the Bible tells us were created on Day Six during Creation, and also the flying reptiles created on Day Five! This book is perfect for use at home, ideal for travel, and certain to create hours of fun!

Board Book: 13 pages

“This is a great choice for any child working on learning to write their letters. The book is nice and large and easily wipes clean when using erasable markers. There is space to trace letters and practice freehand. Also, each letter has a picture of a dinosaur that starts with that letter as well as additional info. Super cute and a fun way for kiddos to practice handwriting and learn more about dinosaurs.”  — Review by Christa

D is for Dinosaur Coloring Book

Learning the alphabet & biblical truth is as easy as A, B, C!

    • Uniquely presents biblical truths in a style designed to be easy for children to understand
    • Echoes the powerful themes in some of Ken Ham’s most popular books
    • Teaches children their alphabet as the letters correspond with biblical concept

Enjoy the full collection of coloring books that share the biblical history of Creation, mankind’s Fall, the Flood of Noah and more. Children will learn important concepts from the rhyming text as they color in the delightful images!

Paperback: 32 pages

D is for Dinosaur (Revised)

This classic book for young children has been re-designed for even better learning! It is vital that parents begin presenting Christian principles as early as possible in our world that has become so hostile to the Christian faith. Now this important task can easily take place you are teaching your child the alphabet! This sturdy, color filled rhyming book presents important truths in an easy-to-learn style!

    • New color illustrations with fun, lyrical text that entertains and educates
    • Convenient book formats
    • Skill focus includes: alphabet, reading, Bible bits, simple discussion questions,  memorization, and activities to enhance understanding

D is for Dinosaur is the biblical A to Z book your child will be drawn to again and again and a book you can be proud to have in your collection!

Perfect for every Christian education venue, including homeschool and Sunday school for ages 2 through 11.

Hardcover: 72 pages

My Giant Dinosaur Mix & Match Card Game

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:24 that God created the earth’s living creatures on Day 6 of the creation week. Dinosaurs would have been made on the same day! God created them, both male and female, after their own “kind.”

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds.” – Genesis 1:24

A fun way to match up “two of a kind” dinosaurs from a biblical worldview. But watch out for that crazy “Sillysaurus.” It’s only “one of a kind” and will try to lose the game for you!  Ages 4+

Card Size: 2.75 in x 4 in

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