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The Heavens Declare 7-12 Package (6 DVD Set)

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Package includes episodes 7-12 of The Heavens Declare series:

6 DVDs: Approx. 4 hr 30 min

18 in stock

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Episode 7 – “The Law of Gravity”: This episode covers the Law of Gravity and Relativity and how it showcases God’s power and creativity for keeping the universe together. The experts explore the mystery of gravity, how it works, the power of black holes, how gravity effects time, who discovered the laws of gravity, why God created gravity, and how it points back to a Creator.

DVD: 40 minutes

Episode 8 – “The Amazing Stars”:  This episode investigates the stars in the universe, what makes up a star, how many there are, the distance of stars, and why they couldn’t have formed in the Big Bang. The experts explore how many stars are in the universe, what different types of stars are there, what is the purpose of stars, why new star formation isn’t happening, why the naturalistic formation of stars does not work, why do stars die, and why should we explore the universe.

DVD: 40 minutes

Episode 9 – “The Wonder of Magnetism”:  This episode addresses how magnetism is generated, why it’s important for us, and how it shows our solar system is quite young, just as the Bible presents. The experts explore how magnetism operates, how it protects our planet, why it decays and gives us young dates for our solar system, how do secular scientists explain magnetism, what are magnetic reversals and how the Flood may have provided the mechanism for those reversals, and how magnetism reveals the character of God.

DVD: 31 minutes

Episode 10 – “Asteroids & Comets”: This episode explores the history of asteroids and comets, showing evidence how they were a part of creation and not billions of years old. The experts explore the origin of asteroids and comets from a secular and Biblical worldview. They explore the history of asteroids hitting our planet and if the dinosaurs were killed off by one. They also explore where do comets come from and why the secular model does not work, but how comets support the young age of the earth.

DVD: 44 minutes

Episode 11 – “The Space Race”: This episode explores the history of the American space program and how it glorifies God to search out the heavens. The experts explore how America and the world pressed into space through manned and unmanned missions, how telescopes helps us to explore space, how evolution plays into scientist’s motivations for exploring space, why the earth is unique among the universe, and how can exploring space glorify God.

DVD: 30 minutes

Episode 12 – “Searching for Alien Life”: This episode explores why the search for aliens has resulted in failure and what is a Biblical worldview to aliens and extraterrestrial life. The experts explore why there is so much interest in aliens, what are the theological implications of intelligent alien life, did God create life in other places around the universe, has any evidence been found for aliens, how do we explain UFOs and alien abductions, could aliens have seeded the human race, and what impact does believing in aliens have on Christians?

DVD: 45 minutes

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