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On Day 3,  God created plants—including coffee! Our medium roast Guatemalan offers medium acidity and a rich, heavy-bodied, “classy cup” that leaves you saying, “This is g-o-o-o-o-d!” 

Guatemalan Medium Roast with Hints of Dark Chocolate and Roasted Walnuts

12 oz.

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On Day 3, God created life-giving plants — including coffee! How incredible for our Abba Father to create such delectable foods for our earthly nourishment and sustenance, including savory coffee! 

Our medium roast Guatemalan offers medium acidity and a rich, heavy-bodied cup. Roasted to perfectly spotlight its chocolate and roasted walnut tones, this Genuine Antigua pours a mild, clean flavor—a true “classy coffee” that leaves you saying, “This is g-o-o-o-d!”

Even before this week of creation, before the foundations of the world were created, God in His infinite wisdom provided for our eternal life. Jesus Christ, present at Creation, would be the Father’s Gift for all mankind (Ephesians 1:3-6). Jesus Christ’s death on a tree and His bodily Resurrection on the third day are the fulfillment of God’s promise to provide eternal life to those who repent and trust in Him. We cannot fathom the depths of the Father’s love as He designed the trees in the garden and the sacrificial tree of suffering—all for our good! 

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