I was asked to listen to a YouTube video of podcast #12 from TheThinkingAtheist channel, where the show is devoted to asking atheists this question, “Are atheists wasting their time debating the existence of God?” I couldn’t help but respond to that question.

In short the answer is, YES.

Think about it: For an atheist to be consistent with the very idea of atheism means that debating is absurd. The whole concept of debate assumes someone is right and someone else is wrong; so right away you are assuming a standard by which this truth can be measured, i.e., absolute truth. However, the atheist will deny absolute truth from the onset. To be a true atheist, you must eventually deny all knowledge.

The concept of atheism eliminates the very need for debate. If the atheist’s worldview is correct, then we are nothing but the result of accidental chemical processes and our thoughts are merely chemical reactions that take place in our brain. Therefore, nothing you ever do, or say, or even believe, matters. In the end, we all go back to “star dust.” So, why argue? Why waste your time talking to someone about the truth or falsehood of something when it doesn’t matter in the end?

Atheists will respond to this accusation in a couple of different ways. With incredibly shallow logic, the atheist may reply, “Well then, why do you argue for the existence of God?” Thinking that they’ve really pulled one over on you, but in fact, all they’ve done is commit a logical fallacy called the “Too Quote” fallacy or “You Too” fallacy.  In essence, what they are saying is, Well you argue for your view so I can argue for my view. When this response is given, you know that the atheist does not understand the argument you are putting forth. They are not giving a valid reason for why an atheist should argue in the first place. You see, since God exists, it is right for us to argue for his existence. However, if atheism is true, then arguing has no purpose.

I love this video that Dan Johnson put together explaining this problem to the atheists.

Some atheists might respond, “I argue so that America will not be a Christian nation. The idea of a Christian nation means that we would kill homosexuals, stone our disobedient children, and all have to wear long skirts and cover our heads.”

The very idea of arguing for atheism shows that they do not really believe what they claim they are saying they believe. The premise is that atheists have no reason, no basis, and no foundation for arguing. And in response to that accusation what will they do? Argue.