Need Help With Product Downloads?

Please do not attempt a new download until you’ve followed these steps.

First steps:

To start, try downloading one product at a time.  Be sure your computer or device does not go to sleep and is not idle.  Give larger files ample time to load/buffer in your video player.

Try a different web browser or clearing your browser cache:

Close all other windows and tabs in your browser or simply shut down the web browser and restart. If nothing happens when you attempt to start your download, or if you see an error message, try using another web browser. Supported browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. There may be a temporary issue or incompatible setting with the browser you originally used that’s preventing the download. It may be that you need to remove/delete pop-up blockers, cookies, and temporary Internet files. You may also try clearing your browser cache.  If you are unsure of how to do this we recommend a Google search of how to perform these tasks with your specific web browser version.

You also need to make sure that your browser has the Javascript plugin enabled. Open your browser’s “Help” section for more information about Java. If you’ve installed other browser add-ons or plugins that work with Java (like Adobe Flash), try updating them as well. They could be causing issues with Java, or generally interfering with the download process.

Check your antivirus software or firewall settings:

In certain cases, your antivirus software can block the download file. Add and (downloads are stored on a secure Amazon S3 server) to your list of trusted sites or allow downloads from Creation Today if your browser displays a security warning. Also, make sure that your antivirus and spyware software are up-to-date.

Note: Antivirus software publishers frequently update their products. Downloads can be incorrectly identified as harmful files.  If your download is flagged as harmful, contact your anti-virus software publisher to report the issue.

Check your Internet connection:

Try a wired Internet service connection (instead of wifi). Some network connections and secure VPNs have additional restrictions that may block your download. Try switching to a different connection, then restart your download. If you’re downloading a large file, we recommend using a stable and fast broadband connection (try plugging your computer into your modem/router via an ethernet cable instead of using a potentially unstable WiFi connection).

Restart the download:

Sometimes a download stops unexpectedly due to intermittent connection issues. Visit My Account Downloads and click Download next to your selected product to start the process again.

Important: Before retrying your download, delete any previously downloaded files from your download folder, as well as any partial files you may have downloaded.

Still having trouble?

Contact and we will return your email within 1-2 business days.