Creative Gospel Packaging!

Caffeine CRAZY or Caffeine Free, you know a coffee consumer. There are more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year! So, could you use Coffee to share the Gospel? Listen in as Living Waters’ Ray Comfort, Mark Spence, and Emeal Zwayne give us a shout out about creatively using coffee to share the Gospel! 2 – Minutes of inspiration!

What does your current go-to coffee support? Shall we start with the largest coffee company in the world, Starbucks? The coffee giant boasts impressive stats owning a 39.8% share of the US coffee market, earning $25 billion worldwide, maintaining 29,324 stores in 72 countries, opening a new store in China every 15 hours, and conducting over 90 million transactions per week. What agendas does Starbucks support with its profits? Here are just a few:

  • Transgender Lobby Groups
  • Homosexual Lifestyle
  • Liberal Agendas
  • Abortion by supporting Planned Parenthood

Third Day Coffee supports the polar opposite mission of Starbucks. Every energy-boosting sip of our deliciously smooth Third Day Coffee shares the Gospel by:

  • Supporting
  • Building farmer relationships, paying Fair Market Value for beans, working to win them to Christ, disciple them, and teach them about supporting their local Bible-believing churches in their own country
  • Supporting missionaries on three continents
  • Offering fundraisers for other Christian ministries with coffee

This aromatic coffee speaks volumes. Take this testimony highlight from

I have been looking for a way to share the Gospel that is both loving and non-intrusive. Third Day Coffee was the answer to my prayers. I purchased a Gift Package for my friend and it came with a card. This website led her through the Gospel message. I can’t wait to share this with other unsaved family and friends! — Jamie P.

If you are ready for your coffee to support a multi-Gospel impacting platform, here is your chance. We can’t wait to ship freshly roasted coffee to you!

While Third Day Coffee is Gospel-mission oriented, it tastes delectable, too, roasted with only the highest quality beans! Third Day Coffee wants everyone to know God created everything including coffee on the THIRD DAY and that Creator who rose again on the THIRD DAY wants to be their Savior!

Be creative in how you wrap your Gospel presentation! We would love to serve you as you share the Gospel through C.O.F.F.E.E. with someone you know. Just let us know how we can help.