Are any of you a fan of “Back to the Future”, “Quantum Leap”, or “Ant Man”? These films all share at least one component in common – quantum physics. I know, I know, try to hold onto your excitement and confetti because we have to focus in order to understand this deep dive of a show. In “Does Nature Reveal God?”, Dr. Doug Corrigan takes us on a journey through just a few of the characteristics of light and how they reflect some of the attributes of God. 

Using Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, Dr. Corrigan explains the physics of light, starting simple with a fun illustration using a red and blue car. There’s so much to unpack even with that one little illustration, so I’ll leave it to the expert, but, ultimately, Dr. Corrigan explains how the speed of light is absolute, unlike anything else. You can never reach it, change it, or make anything like it – much like how you can never reach the level of, change, or create God. God is absolute, and so is light. 

If you’re a bit puzzled right now, don’t worry. Dr. Corrigan explains it far better than I can. Throughout the show, he presents fact after mind-blowing fact that shows the qualities God designed in light that reflect His character. From being timeless to infinite to omnipresent and more, light is a beautiful reflection of its designer. Call it, art reflecting the artist, if you will.

In Genesis 1, God created the heavens and the earth, and the first thing He spoke into existence was light. (“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” [Gen. 1:2b-3]) What a beautiful picture of God’s intention for creation! Everything He created exists to bring Him glory, and His first creation in the universe was something that reflects Him perfectly, in a beautifully mysterious way.

Although this show is a deeper dive than most, Dr. Corrigan manages to make this introduction to quantum physics a fascinating study, and one that you will want to watch again and again to fully grasp the concept. So grab your pens and notebooks, get comfortable, and take all the time you need to watch this eye-opening show.