How often do you think about the moon? For most of us, the heavenly body of the night is only a passing thought every once in a blue moon (pun-intended); perhaps when you experience a particularly beautiful evening or when you see a full moon. However, according to Dr. Don DeYoung in the newest Creation Today show, “The Moon: Evidence of a Young Creation”, the moon serves several distinct and important purposes that should compel people to think about it far more often.

Besides the more commonly-known services the moon provides, such as light throughout the night, and telling time and direction based on its phases, Dr. DeYoung explains some of the incredible purposes of the moon that impact our daily lives. From protection of the earth to the changing of seasons, the moon is an important player in so many aspects of life on earth.

One fascinating example of this is found in how much of an impact the ocean tides have on our lives. The tides help keep the ocean healthy by keeping the waters stirred up, which is commonly referred to as currents. Currents help redistribute nutrients and oxygen to the ocean plants, which make up approximately half of the oxygen we breathe. Therefore, as Dr. DeYoung puts it, if there was no moon, there would be no tides, and the ocean would be stagnant. If the ocean was stagnant, then the ocean plants would die, and so would we.

After explaining how vital the moon is to our very survival, Dr. DeYoung clarifies that there could be dozens more reasons for the moon that are known only to God. We are slowly unwrapping the secrets of creation, and that includes the moon! However, we do know that the moon is a faithful witness of God’s creativity and sovereignty over all. So if you want to learn more about God’s character, be sure to schedule time into your week to enjoy this fun and educational show.