Abortion. It’s a controversial topic. With so many arguments constantly being thrown around, it’s difficult to cut through them all and get to the foundation of the debate – is abortion ever morally acceptable? The answer determines so much about how we approach the abortion industry, adoption, foster care, contraception, prenatal care, and other political topics. With such a significant topic at hand, I knew I needed to talk to a well-studied expert in the field, which is why I invited the Pro Life Doc, Dr. William Lile, to the Creation Today Show.

Now, you might want to hold onto your hats because Dr. Lile wasted no time in cutting to the root of the issue. Abortion is demonic. It’s child sacrifice and is the result of a spiritual, Satanic attack. Whew. You may be wondering…why does he use such strong language? It’s because the abortion industry profits off of the murder of innocent life, the selling of baby “parts,” the coercion of vulnerable mothers, and the sacrifice of children on the altar of convenience. If that’s not demonic, then I’m not sure what is!

But this show wasn’t solely a discussion of the evils of abortion, but also of the great medical advancements used to save the lives of mothers and their babies daily! Dr. Lile discusses how doctors are able to deliver babies early and keep them alive through life-saving technologies used in NICUs in hospitals throughout the country. Ethical IVF practices make embryo adoption possible so couples can raise those children. It is all so encouraging!

If you want to be emboldened in your fight for the preborn, you don’t want to miss this conversation with Dr. Lile. Also be sure to check out his 8 hour training course all about Pro Life Apologetics. Trust me, it will be time well spent. Let’s stand up together and fight against the evil and demonic practice of abortion. Fight for life!