I am incredibly thrilled about the progress of the ministry lately. Suffice to say, the Lord is blessing. Our “Creation Today Show” is being seen by thousands across the internet each week; and viewers are more than enthusiastic about our monthly live question-and-answer webcasts. We’re reaching people; and that’s exciting!

In the Creation Today studyI hope you didn’t miss last night’s live webcast with special guest John Mackay. John is a great friend of our ministry and one of the leaders of the modern creation science movement. He and Ken Ham founded the Creation Science Foundation in Australia, which later become known as Answers in Genesis. Today, John is the international director of Creation Research. I could go on and on about John’s qualifications, but mostly I’m happy we have such an expert in creation ministry. Look for John to join us on the “Creation Today Show” next week. Also check out his DVD, Darwin on the Rocks, with our very own Paul Taylor appearing for an interview.

There’s nothing like a live broadcast. Just knowing that there can be no retakes is exhilarating, if not a bit nerve-racking—in a good way. These live webcasts give us a chance to immediately answer viewers’ questions. If you haven’t joined us yet, please stayed tuned to our website. We’ll be announcing next month’s schedule soon.

If you have a burning question about creation, evolution or apologetics, we’d love the chance to answer it. If nothing else, we always give away a number of resources from the Creation Store.

One twitterer summed it up well: “There’s nothing good to watch on TV. Watch this!” I agree.