Q: My Biology textbook says the first simple life-forms were single-celled ones in the Cambrian layers? What is that all about?

A: Well, let’s see—just from that sentence, I would say (1) there are no “simple life-forms”; (2) there is no such thing as a “Cambrian” layer; and (3) nearly all types of life are found in all the layers of the earth. (This would be expected from Noah’s Flood. See Seminar Part 6.) Today, I continue the blog series by looking at my second proposition: There is no such thing as a “Cambrian” layer.

The Geologic Column

The “geologic column” does not exist as portrayed in textbooks. Although index fossils have been found in the supposed order in twenty-six places (way less than 1% of the earth), no actual single example of the entire standard geological column exists in nature. Circular Reasoning Alert! Rocks are dated by the fossils they contain and fossils are dated by the rock layers they are found in! This is circular reasoning.


Next, consider the index fossils used to date the layers. Trilobites are often said to identify layers as being so many millions of years old. However, see what evolutionists themselves say about these “simple” creatures. Trilobite eyes have “the most sophisticated eye lenses ever produced by nature.1 “The eyes of early trilobites have never been exceeded for complexity or acuity”.2

Petrified Trees

As I’ve discussed in my Seminar Part 4 (“Lies in the Textbooks”), petrified trees standing up often run through many layers of rock that have been dated as millions of years different in ages. Wouldn’t the trees rot while waiting to be buried?

Further Study

There are lots of pictures of this in my book, Help! I’m Being Taught Evolution In My Earth Science Class and on Seminar Part 4. All my 6,000+ PowerPoint slides can be purchased and downloaded right here on our Web site.

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