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Much has been written about the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate that took place February 4, 2014 at Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky. After reading dozens of blogs and hundreds of FaceBook posts from people expressing their opinions about the debate, I read this post in my Jackson Hole Bible College newsletter. Written by Pastor Don Landis, it stands out by far as my favorite! Clearly, articulately, and accurately drilling down to the heart of the debate, Pastor Don summarizes the real issues into just a few paragraphs for readers’ focus.

Reviewing Ham vs Nye

Now that the big debate is over everyone is dialoguing over the different issues and evidence, but the stage is set plainly with a choice between two worldviews.
1. Believe there is a God who created all things
2. Believe that everything came about on its own, through naturalistic processes

If you choose to believe in God, there are solid, absolute grounds for values, morality, purpose, equality and hope.

If you choose to believe in evolution and naturalistic processes, then you are willingly believing that you are the product of chance, thoughtless, relative chance. In this world there can be no authoritative right or wrong, no absolutes, no morality, and no equality between sexes or colors of skin.

Mr. Nye wanted a prediction. Here it is: Believe in evolution (his worldview woven with evolution, relativism, and humanism), and the culture that follows you will have no morals, no values, no self-worth, no true equality between man and woman or black and white, no understanding of why there is evil and abuse, no purpose for living other than self, no foundation for love or compassion of others, and no hope or future. According to your beliefs, after your very short years you will die and rot and your consciousness will cease to exist. You have no one to quote but yourself, Mr. Nye; if this is the case, your opinions are worthless and, by your own admission, meaningless.

If this is what the evolutionary worldview is selling, why on earth would I buy into it??

As a creationist and Christian, I “sell” a product that brings absolutes by which to live, since there is an immutable (unchanging) God. I have a base for true human value since we are made in His image. I have a base for equality since man and woman are both made in His image. I have a base for equality of tribes since all men are of one blood. I have a purpose for taking care of the world since we understand we are stewards of God’s creation. I have meaning and purpose in life since there is reward now and after death. I have hope for the future since Jesus has conquered death and we will live forever with Him.

We heard Mr. Nye refer several times to things he thinks we should do. He felt troubled and unsettled over Mr. Ham’s views. But upon what basis can he claim anything being right or wrong? The feeling of angst he felt shows he is making a judgment call. He wants to advance science to get ahead of other countries? To help us be a leader? To aid the economy? What moral promises and personal desires he shows here!

He condemns Mr. Ham, asking why we are to believe what Mr. Ham says, but at the same time he expects people to accept what he and “mainstream scientists” claim to be truth. He has placed himself and other fallible human beings as the authority to determine absolute truth. He says that he will not believe anything that he cannot see with his own eyes – he has truly made himself the real authority.

If he was honest he would have to allow even in his own scheme of thinking that, just as it took time for Pasteur’s views of germs to overcome the “mainstream” scientists and doctors of his day to see the truth, perhaps Mr. Ham has evolved to a higher state than Mr. Nye and the rest of the scientists pack.

Thank you, Ken Ham and keep up the good work.


Don Landis,


Pastor Don Landis is the founder of Jackson Hole Bible College in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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