Bill Nye helped distribute 1000 Evolution vs God DVD’s

When I heard that Bill Nye was going to be at the University of Florida, I called up my friend Ray Comfort in California. He immediately said that he would help supply 1000 copies of Evolution vs God to pass out at the event. (BTW: If you haven’t supported Living Waters and their many outreaches, I highly recommend them as a ministry worthy of your support.)

We watched God orchestrate a situation that soul winners dream about! When we arrived at the university, people had been waiting in line for over three hours to get into the event. There we were with 1000 DVDs in hand, 25 volunteers, and a line of about 1500 students with nothing to do. If you can’t see the opportunity in that, you need a prescription for your vision!

Then the evening proved even more interesting when I had the opportunity to ask Bill Nye a question. But before I tell you about that, I want to throw out a huge, sincere, and much needed THANK YOU to the many people who volunteered to help pass out the DVDs. For some, it was their first time to ever do “street evangelism.” We had a great time! Watch this video to see how easy it is to give people the truth.

One Question for Bill Nye

Thanks to Durant, a friend who went with us to the event, I was able to get the very last ticket. Yes! God’s Divine provision! Thank you, Durant, for standing in line for me.


Listening to Bill Nye was enjoyable. He was funny and able to keep your attention. He spoke of how far science had come and encouraged the young people in the room to “change the world” through continual studies in “science.” During his talk, he mentioned that he was at the world fair in New York in 1964 when the world population crossed the three billion mark. As of 2013, the world population has crossed the seven billion mark, an exponential growth rate!

After Nye’s talk, he opened up the floor for audience questions. With a little more than 2,000 people in the room, I thought it was a great time to ask Bill a question. Thankfully, the person right in front of me asked Bill which episode from the Bill Nye the Science Guy television series was his favorite. While he didn’t mention his favorite, he did say that getting to go for a ride in the Blue Angles F-18 was pretty awesome! I knew that was a perfect segue if I could just ask my question next. I prayed that God would have him look up in the balcony and let me ask my question next. Sure enough, he looked up and it was my turn.

Watch this clip as I ask Bill why the exponentially growing human population is only seven billion if humans evolved three million years ago.

Study Mathematics?

That’s it? I bring a legitimate scientific and mathematical question to the table and all he can say is that I need to study math? Needless to say, I was a little disappointed, but knew all along that the evolution worldview can not account for our population only being at seven billion today instead of exponentially more!

Let’s look at the math to see what is really going on.

According to the evolution theory, man evolved three million years ago. If you took the current population growth, currently 1.7% annually, and extrapolated that out for 3 million years, you would be sitting on a population of people that would be astronomical! On the other had, if we were to take the Biblical account of Creation and the Flood, we would see that the human population of 8 people 4400 years ago could easily produce 7.1 billion people at a growth rate of only .43%. Truly the Human Population is evidence that confirms God’s word as true.

The late Dr. Henry Morris wrote a great article about the population growth which can be found HERE. This is a excerpt from his article.

But there is an even greater inconsistency in evolutionary thinking relative to population. The same population statistics which supposedly presage a serious population problem in the future also indicate a very recent origin of man in the past, and therefore a special divine purpose for man in the future.

Current population is just one of many examples that can be used to show the problems with evolution thinking. To learn more about the problems with evolution and the truth of Creation, check out our free videos at

Thanks for stoping by and thanks for praying!

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My friend Dr. Jason Lisle posted this to his Facebook! Thought it was a perfect fit!

“Okay Bill, using your numbers (3 billion people in 1964, and 7 billion people in 2013) at an exponential growth rate y=Ae^rt, where A = 5.345778E-6, and r=0.01729179, the human population would go back to 2 people in the year 742. Yeah, that’s A.D. 742. We know that infant mortality rates were higher in the past, so that will push the date back another ~3 thousand years. But where is Bill getting 30,000 years??!?!? Could it be that Bill is relying on some other source of information that he believes to be more trustworthy than science & math?” – Dr. Jason Lisle