For years, people have used the blind cavefish as evidence of Darwinian evolution. Does this even make sense? Going from a fish with eyes to a fish without eyes is the exact opposite of Darwinian evolution. No, blind cavefish do not display evolution; but rather, they radically display God’s handiwork  and the whole world can see it!

Researchers discovered that the normal, ordinary Mexican tetra fish can switch – to the blind cavefish in one generation. This flies in the face of what Darwinian evolutionists have believed for years. Rather than just being an evolutionary adaptation occurring over time, the switch is made based on the parent’s environment. While the fish eggs are in the embryonic stage, the concentration of a protein referred to as “HSP90″ helps determine if the offspring develops with eyes or without eyes. The concentration of “HSP90″ in the water affects the conductivity of the water, which in turn flips the DNA switch for making eyes “on” or “off” in the embryo.

Amazing! In God’s incredible foreknowledge, he even thought about the tetra fish that would live in caves with no light whatsoever. God’s plan is perfect for you, too. Why not let the environment in which He has placed you help conform you to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ?

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To learn more about the amazing Blind Cavefish design, check out these articles from Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.

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