It’s February, and you know what that means; decadent chocolate, dainty hearts, dazzling jewelry . . . and Darwin Day!
That’s right! Every year, on February 12th, an increasing number of individuals, organizations, schools, and even governments commemorate the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. But who was Charles Darwin and what are we celebrating?
Charles Robert Darwin (12 Feb 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist, geologist, and biologist. He is best known for popularizing the theory of Natural Selection, which eventually led to the wide acceptance of molecules to man evolution. According to the “Darwin Day” website, “The mission of International Darwin Day is to inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin.”
Just last month, a bill was re-introduced to the US House and Senate by Representative Jim Himes (D-CT) requesting US participation in an international celebration of Darwin Day. The bill, H. Res. 699, states that Darwin Day exists to “celebrate the discoveries and life of Darwin and to express gratitude for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge has contributed to the advancement of humanity.”
There’s nothing wrong with fostering an appreciation for science and the advancement of knowledge. But national participation in “Darwin Day” is rather curious considering the fact that Darwinian evolution has been losing ground as a viable scientific theory for a generation or more.
Don’t take my word for it. According to H. Res. 699, by supporting the bill, “members of Congress are dedicated to promoting science and are opposed to the growing influence of creationism in our public schools.” [emphasis added]
Did you catch that?
Secularists are passing a bill to celebrate the life of Charles Darwin because they fear the growing influence of creationism. Despite the fact that secular humanism has gradually taken over the textbooks, museum displays, TV programs, and children’s literature for the past seventy years, Darwinian Evolution continues to crumble.
This year, instead of a celebration in honor of Charles Darwin, let’s encourage others to exert intellectual bravery, exercise perpetual curiosity, exude scientific thinking, and most importantly, embody a hunger for truth by questioning the claims of Darwinian Evolution.


  1. Invite friends over for finger foods and a movie about Darwin.
  2. Invite a Creation Speaker to speak to your church or group.
  3. Find an event already planned for your area.
  4. Print “15 Questions for Evolutionists” and distribute.
  5. Share the Genesis: Paradise Lost Trailer on Social Media
  6. Sport your favorite creation T-shirt or Mug.
  7. Engage the culture with tracts on evolution.
  8. Pre-order Genesis: Paradise Lost from The Creation Store.