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Back to school and happy time! Apple, pile of books and pencils


August is here again!  It’s time for school supplies, last minute education decisions, back to school photos, meeting teachers, making new friends, and settling into a smooth, or at least functional, routine.  Even for those of us who homeschool, there is pressure to finalize curriculum plans, purchase last minute necessities, create schedules that we most […]

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July Ministry Spotlight – The Cornelius Family

For over ten years, the Cornelius family traveled the country preaching the Gospel in 24 states until they were called to direct the Discovery Center in Abilene, TX, a Biblical Museum which has spread the creation message to thousands.  Recently an exciting new wing of the museum was opened with displays depicting 4,000 years of […]

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As the days get longer and the heat bears down upon us, what better way to host an outreach event in your community than with a Summer Movie Night? Bring GENESIS: Paradise Lost to Your Event! Thanks to our hard-working team at Creation Today, we now offer an already organized, out-of-the-box evangelistic outreach for your […]

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SCIENCE PARTNERS: BILL AND MERILEE CLIFTON Bill Clifton, a former evolutionist, has a passion for God’s creation!  His desire is to share his knowledge of science and the Bible to help others understand our incredible Creator and His handiwork.  For almost 40 years, Bill has taught various science, Bible, and creation classes for public, Christian, […]

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Child pilot aviator with airplane dreams of traveling in summer in nature at sunset


ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! As summer dawns upon our calendars bringing closure to yet another academic season, don’t forget to revel in the wonders of God’s Creation!  From the sun-kissed beaches to the hazy mountains; the creature-filled forests and the sweltering deserts, there is wonder, excitement, and adventure everywhere! MERGING GOD’S WORD AND GOD’S WORLD […]

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Teach Them Diligently: What I’ve Learned

“Home is the place where habits are formed. Home is the place where the foundations of character are laid. Home gives the bias to our tastes, likings, and opinions. See then, I pray you, that there be careful training at home.” —J.C. Ryle, “The Duties of Godly Parents” As a homeschool mom, I was thrilled […]

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Have We Already Forgotten?

Holocaust Remembrance Day is on April 12th this year. Lasting from 1933-1945, the Jewish Holocaust claimed the lives of approximately 6 million Jews, along with 5 million “undesirables” like gypsies, homosexuals, priests, communists, resistance fighters, people with disabilities, and many more. As we remember the victims, their families, and the gaping hole left by their […]

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JOURNEY THROUGH GENESIS: In Search of the Holy Grail

According to legend, the venerable King Arthur and his valiant knights were intent on finding the Holy Grail, a cup supposedly imbued with magical properties. After touching the lips of the Savior at the Last Supper and catching His blood at the crucifixion, it was rumored that the cup would grant eternal youth to those […]

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A Christian Response to the Death of an Atheist

Have you ever watched a pendulum swing? As a child, I found it mesmerizing. The old grandfather clock in my friend’s living room kept perfect time, swinging first to the left and then back to the right with a gentle “tick-tock, tick-tock” while the seconds, minutes, and hours marched unrelentingly into the future, turning it […]

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cross and empty tomb


Although celebrating the Resurrection may always seem like a joke to our skeptic friends, this year Easter Sunday actually falls on April Fool’s Day. I’m not kidding! However, to those of us who understand the importance of the Resurrection and how crucial it is to the Gospel message, the irony could not be more profound.  […]

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center for religious expression - logo

PRESS RELEASE: Centering In on Free Speech

   Center Line, Michigan — March 1, 2018. The federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan entered an agreed order and judgment today, prohibiting the City of Center Line from applying city ordinances to ban Michael Mattia from displaying pro-life signs with Christian messages on public city sidewalks. Mattia firmly believes that the unborn […]

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Was it the chicken or the egg? Since the time of Aristotle, philosophers, scientists, and school children have been baffled by the causality debate, wondering whether it was the chicken that came first; or the egg, which comes from a chicken. Ranging from hilarious to complicated, most answers to this question have failed to adequately explain […]

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