There are quite literally MILLIONS of movies, books, songs, and poems all about that special, four-letter word we all crave to hear…love! But this little word can create so much difficulty and confusion, can’t it? The person we think we love doesn’t love us back, or we start doing crazy things we never thought we would, all in the name of love. What’s up with that?

Maybe our perspective on love is twisted. What if the culture has so skewed our definition of love that we don’t truly understand what true love is? These thoughts and questions are important ones, which is why I had my friend and childhood pastor, Dr. Jeff Redlin, on the Creation Today show, “What is True Love?” Personally, I prefer the title “What is Twu Wuv?” and, if you’re a Princess Bride fan like myself, you probably catch my drift!

Classic movie fan or not, you will *love* the insight Pastor Redlin shares in this conversation! In order to answer the question, he gives us the foundation that is required to understand what love truly is. In his own words, “If we understand God, we get love.” Pastor Redlin explains how love is part of God’s nature, and, as a result, He is loving. The only reason we as humans can experience this great, all-consuming love, is because God first loved us. 

When we begin to know and understand God, we experience His love in new incredible ways, and, as a result, we become loving people. Instead of desperately searching for the best tips and tricks to love better, we grow closer to the Father, and His perfect love flows through us. In order to truly be a vessel that’s showing the love of God, we must be filled with something other than ourselves. Only when we continually ask God to empty ourselves of our selfish wants and tendencies towards sin, and replace it with a filling of the Holy Spirit can we display genuine love towards others. It is the result of the sanctifying work of God within us, and not anything to do with us, or what we can do.

Pastor Redlin shares so many more incredible insights and practical applications of what true love looks like in our lives. This show is truly an eye-opening and wisdom-filled conversation about the radical nature of the love of God. You don’t want to miss it, so schedule some time into your week to gather close with your loved ones and learn about love together through this show.