Pilot Episode Airs Today (January 8, 2014) at 11:00 AM CST

I am so proud of the work that David Rives Ministry has done over the past few years in teaching people that “The Heavens Declare The Glory of God.” I have had the privilege of knowing David for many years and seeing him start a ministry that has grown by leaps and bounds as he proclaims the truth of Creation in a Bold fresh way.

His latest adventure began last year when he was asked to be the new host of the show “Creation In The 21st Century” on TBN. This role is a huge responsibility as it is seen by literally millions around the world. The late Paul Crouch said that the focus on God’s Creation which “Creation in the 21st Century” brought to people was vitally important and he personally asked David to take over this program.

Here is a letter I received from Dick Wilson, friend of the ministry, that explains more of the background and gives a schedule of the show. The first one airs this morning at 11:00 am CST. Make sure to tune in.

Praise the Lord!  “Creation in the 21st Century” is returning to the Trinity Broadcasting Network
(TBN) beginning Wednesday January 8, 2014 at 11:00 AM Central Time ( 9:00 AM Pacific Time).

Perhaps a little history is helpful here.  David Rives of Tennessee was invited to do a pilot show
at TBN’s Irving TX studio, and the pilot was recorded April 24, 2013 with Dr. Charles (Chuck)
Thurston of Ohio as David’s guest.  Then May 31, 2013 Dr. Paul Crouch, TBN’s Founder, called
David and asked him to assume the role of Host.  Of course, David immediately accepted.

In the July 31 – August 2 period TBN recorded 14 more shows at the TBN Irving TX studio I call
Esther’s Palace because it was used for promo photos for the TBN movie “One Night with the

Below is the initial broadcast schedule for “Creation in the 21st Century” for January 2014.
The programs are aired in Standard Definition (SD) quality.  However, if you go to www.itbn.org,
one or two days after the SD broadcast (or perhaps a little later) under “Creation in the 21st
Century,” you can watch the show in High Definition (HD) over the Internet.  As an example
please go to www.itbn.org and “Behind the Scenes with Dr. Paul Crouch” for July 31, 2013 to see
David Rives at the Irving, TX studio.

The January (and following) schedule was selected by David Rives.  (Please remember  the schedule
may change at TBN’s discretion at the last minute.)  David Rives program numbers begin with
number one  (001) and increase in sequence.  The  numbers following in parentheses are the
TBN numbers, which begin with number 501 and are in the order the shows were taped.

January 2014
Wednesday, January 8
001 (501)  “Create in Me a Clean Heart”  Charles (Chuck) Thurston MD

Wednesday, January 15
002 (502)  “Creation: Fact or Fiction”  Dr. Jason Lisle

Wednesday, January 22
003 (509)  “God’s Word Preserved through Adversity”  Dr. F. J. (Rusty) Maisel

Wednesday, January 29
004 (511)  “Discovering God’s Glory”  Eric Hovind

Times are as follows: CENTRAL TIME (PACIFIC TIME)
Wednesday 11:00 AM (9:00 AM)

This is a great time in the history of “Creation vs. Evolution,” and may it grow
for the glory of God and for the theme of David Rives Ministries:  “The Heavens
Declare the Glory of God.”

In Christ,
Dick Wilson

Paul Taylor and myself were able to travel to Dallas to film several shows with David and are looking forward to their airing.

Thanks for reading,

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