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Creationism Dishonesty?

“Creationism Dishonesty and Immorality” is a YouTube video by Don Exodus that I have been watching.

It’s interesting that an atheist would challenge a creationist on being immoral when from his own perspective he cannot give us a reasonable basis for morality! In his video, Creationists are blamed for being deceitful, “mining and inciting fear.”

His first statistic states that 99.98% of scientists accept evolution. This is in itself a deceptive tactic used to try to make evolutionists look like they have the majority vote.  In their minds, in order to be a scientist, you must accept evolution. Therefore, statistically, the majority of scientists believe in evolution. It would be the equivalent of saying that 99.98% of cowboys ride donkeys. What you don’t know is that, in order to be a cowboy, you have to ride a donkey.

If we want to be honest and go with statistics, then let’s point out that the majority of people in America believe that God created the world within the last 10,000 years. Gallup polls from 1982 all the way to 2010 show that 45% of Americans believe God created the world. Roughly 10% have believed in naturalistic evolution and 35% held that God guided evolution.

Exodus goes on to say, “In the scientific community there is absolutely no debate about evolution.” I’m sure all the creation scientists out there that have tried to have their articles published by peer-reviewed journals and been rejected would question this statement. See for yourself in the book entitled In Six Days, as it references many creation scientists that reject the evolution fairy tale.

From there he accuses creationists of downright lying. Of course, he ignores the reality that lying is only wrong if the creationist worldview is correct. If atheism is true and we evolved out of the slime, then what one “bag of slime” does to another “bag of slime” doesn’t really matter, does it?

I am sorry, Don Exodus, but if you want to make these claims, you are going to have to give us the authority behind your claims. It would appear that the only authority you have is yourself, and well, that doesn’t say a lot! As a Christian, my authority to judge right from wrong comes from God, the Creator of the world. Morals are a reflection of His nature and He told us about them in the Bible.

Further Study

Learn more about how to approach an atheist from the book Ask Them Why by Jay Lucus, or from The Ultimate Proof by Dr. Jason Lisle.

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9 Responses to Creationism Dishonesty?

  1. Jaewon Oh July 26, 2010 at 9:19 am #

    “From there he accuses creationists of downright lying. Of course, he ignores the reality that lying is only wrong if the creationist worldview is correct. If atheism is true and we evolved out of the slime, then what one “bag of slime” does to another “bag of slime” doesn’t really matter, does it?”

    It is very peculiar why he even cares if we creationists are “lying.” Hmm.. referring to God’s law while arguing that He does not exist. How unfortunate.

  2. Robert Baty July 26, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    Here’s a little case study for those who might have an interest in such things:

    Terry W. Benton, the NI Pine Lane church preacher who stalked me to this blog and posted under the other subject his false and/or misleading claims in promotion of his “Get Baty Ministry”, wrote, in part:

    > Robert knows that his present form
    > is actually erroneous and self-defeating.

    > He simply has too much pride to admit
    > it.

    Neither Terry nor I are atheists, so we make like we are against knowingly making false claims such as Terry accused me of.

    I propose to you that it is Terry who knows he is making false and/or misleading claims against me and my argument and it is Terry W. Benton, the NI Pine Lane church preacher, who has, among other problems, too much pride to admit, explain and correct his errors.

    The form of my argument is such that if its premises are true the conclusion will follow as true from the truth of the premises.

    Given the stipulations, the major premise of my argument is true.

    Terry can’t stand it.

    I propose that God’s word can’t be wrong.

    I propose that God’s word says everything began over a period of six days.

    I propose that there is evidence independent of the text that some things are more than a few thousand years old.

    I propose that the only substantive rebuttal to the evidence of age is briefly stated as “God just made it look old”.

    Terry can’t stand it and so, I propose, he is the one guilty of knowingly making false and misleading statements regarding me, my argument, and the claims I make for the argument in the promotion of his “Get Baty Ministry”.

    What to do?

    Matthew 7:1,2
    James 3:1

  3. Mike Frandsen July 27, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    I have a question. When I talk about the truth of Gods word and how He created in 6, 24 hour days, about 6000 years ago I get viciously attacked.
    My question is do people that believe in evolution feel that they are being viciously attacked when the creationist view is stated?

    • CSE July 27, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

      Great question, Mike! We will ask that question on our Facebook fan page. Check back for some responses – we promise there will be plenty!

  4. Robert Baty July 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm #


    If you have been paying close attention to this blog recently, you will note how viciously the NI PIne Lane church preacher/stalker is attacking me for daring to propose a simple, straightforward argument setting forth the fundamental issue facing the bonafide young-earth creation-science promoter who has to face up to the evidence of age issue and, to date, has been left with the non-scientific position briefly stated as “God just made stuff look older than it is”.

    The basic point being that young-earth creation-science has failed to obtain its much sought after scientific standing and folks recognize that its fundamental claim that “nothing is more than a few thousand years old” is a theological claim lacking scientific support.

    That’s just the way it is.

    If that changes, you won’t have to find out about it around here. It will be on every front page of every major media market outlet around the world.

    No headlines yet!

    I’m curious though, Mike, can you provide an on-line link to where you have been talking up your position and where you were viciously attacked. I just suppose if it happened it might have somewhat to do with more than just “talking about” your position on that.

  5. Mary LeBlanc July 27, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    //Creationists are blamed for being deceitful, “mining and inciting fear.”//

    Hey, I wonder when we will evolve out of emotions? Seems they’re nothing more than a crutch and hindrance to our egocentric exsistence. If we could simply shed all emotions, then maybe our consciences will also disappear and we won’t have to worry about what those darn creationist are trying to incite…

  6. jacob July 28, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

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  7. Nigel McNaughton July 28, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

    Firstly, why not link to the video so your readers can see the videos for themselves? It’s 2 videos, did you watch both?

    Part 1 v=FoZW7-3YSns
    Part 2 v=FoZW7-3YSns

    Is it because immediately you quote-mine his claim that creationists quote-mine?

    It’s very clear from reading the responses here that no one made any effort to actually view the videos themselves.

    Eric’s classic lack of research comes shining through. DonExodus2 (Whit) was not an Atheist, so the whole premise of ‘Atheists got no morals anyway’ falls flat on it’s face.

    Exhibits A & B.

    Why I Believe in God 1 v=0eXxFapw5GM
    Why I Believe in God 2 v=w4zygKXAudE

    And seriously, for you and all the other responders who also didn’t know the first thing about Whit, saying ‘Lying is only wrong because my overlord tells me it is’ isn’t putting you in a good light. Also one of the reasons Non-believers point this out is that you aren’t following your own beliefs when you blatantly and repeatedly lie and misrepresent other people.

    Now you are quite welcome to argue ‘No True Christian!’, but the simple point is that when this video was made any comments about morality were made from Whit’s position as a Christian.

    He invokes the 10 Commandments in the videos!

    Your post is full of red herrings.
    You don’t have to be an “Evolutionist” to be considered a Scientist. I mean clearly, his own quoted statistic states this! Otherwise it would be 100% accept evolution wouldn’t it? “Science” isn’t interchangeable with “Evolution” as much as you are trying to portray it that way.

    Plenty of Creation Scientists have had their research published, including Jason Lisle who you reference on this very page! They only have trouble when their research papers invoke magic, at which point, yes they are going to have problems. And you are apparently hoping your readers can’t tell the difference between “Most Scientists accept Evolution” and “I know plenty of Creationist Scientist”. We know there are plenty of Creationists out there, but percentage wise they are fairly small.

    Then once again you falsely claim that Whit was coming from a position of Atheism, and then also falsely conflate Atheism and Evolution. They are not the same thing and you know it. And once again Whit was not an Atheist.

    And then to finish it off, you again falsely claim Whit was arguing from a position as an Atheist. He wasn’t.
    As you should have noted while watching, The 10 Commandments was his authority in judging the immorality of Creationists.

    As he states at the end of the second video it’s about the people claiming the moral high-ground being such hypocrites.

    for the “too long;didn’t read” crowd.
    Eric watched a video about a Christian judging Creationist against the 10 Commandments and his response was “You Atheists lack any Authority for Judging us”

  8. Havermayer@gmail.com July 29, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    Moreover, Eric is confusing a moral question (“is it right or wrong to lie?”) with an objective question (“Did person X lie?”). We can all verify whether or not a statement is factually correct or not.

    Turning it into a discussion of morality is just a red herring.