“Creationism Dishonesty and Immorality” is a YouTube video by Don Exodus that I have been watching.

It’s interesting that an atheist would challenge a creationist on being immoral when from his own perspective he cannot give us a reasonable basis for morality! In his video, Creationists are blamed for being deceitful, “mining and inciting fear.”

His first statistic states that 99.98% of scientists accept evolution. This is in itself a deceptive tactic used to try to make evolutionists look like they have the majority vote.  In their minds, in order to be a scientist, you must accept evolution. Therefore, statistically, the majority of scientists believe in evolution. It would be the equivalent of saying that 99.98% of cowboys ride donkeys. What you don’t know is that, in order to be a cowboy, you have to ride a donkey.

If we want to be honest and go with statistics, then let’s point out that the majority of people in America believe that God created the world within the last 10,000 years. Gallup polls from 1982 all the way to 2010 show that 45% of Americans believe God created the world. Roughly 10% have believed in naturalistic evolution and 35% held that God guided evolution.

Exodus goes on to say, “In the scientific community there is absolutely no debate about evolution.” I’m sure all the creation scientists out there that have tried to have their articles published by peer-reviewed journals and been rejected would question this statement. See for yourself in the book entitled In Six Days, as it references many creation scientists that reject the evolution fairy tale.

From there he accuses creationists of downright lying. Of course, he ignores the reality that lying is only wrong if the creationist worldview is correct. If atheism is true and we evolved out of the slime, then what one “bag of slime” does to another “bag of slime” doesn’t really matter, does it?

I am sorry, Don Exodus, but if you want to make these claims, you are going to have to give us the authority behind your claims. It would appear that the only authority you have is yourself, and well, that doesn’t say a lot! As a Christian, my authority to judge right from wrong comes from God, the Creator of the world. Morals are a reflection of His nature and He told us about them in the Bible.

Further Study

Learn more about how to approach an atheist from the book Ask Them Why by Jay Lucus, or from The Ultimate Proof by Dr. Jason Lisle.