Guten Tag und willkommen zur Creation Today Show! Oh my bad – it looks like I’m still in Germany-mode even after the end of Kreatikon 2023. But if you are wanting to see and experience more of German culture, you don’t want to miss this week’s show, “Science Around the World” where I give you an inside peek at this incredible biennial conference on creation. 

According to Paul Mathis, the mastermind behind Kreatikon, a big purpose of this conference is to affirm the literal belief in the Bible. From scientific lectures to interactive museums, Kreatikon does an incredible job at accomplishing this goal for people of all ages. The focus on the wondrous nature of God is truly admirable. As one of the speakers Dr. Stefan Drüeke told me, “You cannot separate the Creator from the Savior,” and Mr. Mathis has led his conference with that mindset by welcoming experts in scientific fields like biology, medicine, and geology, as well as speakers knowledgeable in theology.

All of my science lovers out there are going to love the information shared by these brilliant scientists. It is  incredible to see such genius thinkers praising God for His masterful design. But if you aren’t quite as scientifically-minded, don’t fear! It’s not often that I get to travel to Europe, so I made sure to get lots of fun behind-the-scenes content of the tastes and sights of Germany! My wife, Tanya, and I spent our last day there as American tourists, and explored some of the beautiful European architecture and feasted on the most incredible food. You will not want to miss this fun show full of science, the Bible, food, and beautiful Germany!