Dear Answers in Genesis Family and Family of Dr. Tommy Mitchell,

Our hearts are grieving with you as we mourn the loss of an extraordinary Christian scientist, doctor, staff member, friend, father, and husband—Dr. Tommy Mitchell. God empowered this gracious man to accomplish amazing things. We, along with many thousands of others, have been blessed by his presentations and have learned so much about how our physical bodies point us to a phenomenal Designer.

Dr. Mitchell consistently provided solid biblical answers equipping people to stand in the face of personal tragedy and popular evolutionary misinformation. Using the communication skills developed over many years of medical practice, he connected with people at all educational levels, unveiling truth that changed lives both here and for eternity.

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Dr. Mitchell knew the Bible was true from cover to cover, and screen to screen on his Mac. He even embraced Proverbs 17:22. “A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” As a man who practiced what he preached, I never remember a time spent with Dr. Mitchell that he didn’t make me laugh out loud. There are some people that you simply look forward to hanging out with. Dr. Mitchell was one of those for me, as I’m sure he was for many others. I know Ken Ham sure loved hanging out with him, . . . that is unless their game of cribbage was leaning in favor of Dr. Mitchell. They shared a deep love and respect for each other that will be deeply missed.

We remain eternally grateful that Dr. Mitchell was willing to be a part of our GENESIS: Paradise Lost movie project. As a brilliant medical doctor, he possessed a wealth of ingenious insight into the human body. As a faithful Christian, he freely shared how that knowledge pointed to our intelligent Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. His clear and powerful Gospel presentation in the film continues encouraging men and women to trust Christ as Savior. 

We praise God for the life and legacy of this precious man. While we sorrow temporarily losing the comradery of his joyful countenance and encouragement, we rest assured in God’s peace that passes all understanding that Dr. Tommy Mitchell is rejoicing to see His Savior. The giant hole that his promotion from Earth to Heaven leaves at Answers in Genesis and in his family can only be filled by Jesus Christ. 

To Dr. Mitchell’s Family and the AiG Family, we love you and remain in prayer for you all.

From our hearts to yours,

Eric Hovind and the Creation Today Team