Our public education system is under a lot of scrutiny these days – and for good reason! Things like changes to curriculum and new requirements for teachers have made the decision on whether or not to send your child to public school one that is growing more difficult for many parents. In the Creation Today show “Behind Closed Books: The Sexual Holocaust in Our Schools”, I talked with Bridgette Heap from the Feed My Sheep Foundation about the hidden dangers of the comprehensive sex education curriculum infiltrating our schools. 

Now be forewarned. This conversation is more graphic than our typical shows, but the information is more important than ever as the school system shifts towards a push to get around parental consent and knowledge when it comes to sex education. Resources like Amaze.org (a free website full of videos very accessible to children) and graphic books about sex and sexuality are becoming the norm for schools to offer children as young as 5 years old, and parental consent is not a requirement for educators to teach these subjects to students. We MUST be informed so we know how to combat these attacks on our children.

Mrs. Heap explains how children as young as 5 years old are being taught about sexual content such as masturbation, erections, private parts (called “middle parts” in some books, inferring that such body parts do not need to remain private), and more. As children get older, the material only gets more concerning. From describing various types of sexual intercourse to giving information on discussing abortion with a healthcare provider behind parents’ backs, these books are horrifyingly graphic and freely accessible to school-aged children.

As believers, it is so important for us to be aware of the type of sexual education that is being taught to our children so we can know how to better equip the younger generation to respond. Mrs. Heap provides several resources to empower parents to know what content their children are being offered and how they can have better, more age appropriate conversations with their children about these topics. You don’t want to miss this timely conversation, so schedule some time into your week to watch this show.