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Eric Hovind and Thunderf00t at the Reason Rally Part 2

Thunderf00t Part 1 review

It took nearly 10 minutes but we finally got Thunderf00t to admit the truth of his position: “It is conceivable that the universe does not exist.” This is the foundational point at which the unbeliever’s worldview falls apart. The unbeliever knows that to claim certainty about anything would require knowledge from the one who knows everything. Because they are trying to avoid this, an unbeliever is forced to say, “It is conceivable that the universe does not exist.”

In this next segment thunderf00t’s worldview becomes even more clear. He claims that he does not deal in realms of true and false, but when I asked him if that was true he said yes, then shrugs it off as a slip of the tongue. The truth is an atheist cannot live consistently with his own worldview.

Now you may have a tendency to get very frustrated at this point because the unbeliever does not see the foolishness of his own position. But remember, they are literally blinded from the truth, and they will not see the truth until they repent. 2 Tim 2: 24-25.

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