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Eric Hovind and Thunderf00t at the Reason Rally Part 5

In the final segment of this interview with Thunderf00t, his argument really runs around in circles. The atheist worldview says that there are no absolutes, yet he uses the very word “absolute” many times. An atheist’s worldview is internally inconsistent and the only way to argue for his worldview is to abandon it by suggesting that the “flying spaghetti monster” is the one who has reveled knowledge to him. As soon as he suggests this, he has given up atheism in an attempt to defend his atheism.

In the end, Thunderf00t says, “I know with absolute certainty that your God does not exist.” The problem is that if Thunderf00t knows this with absolute certainty then he knows everything or has revelation from someone who does know everything. The one who knows everything would be God! Therefore he is no longer an atheist!

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