>>>Did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

Did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

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A recent study has just come out from scientists claiming that evidence of man and dinosaurs living together is bogus. The new report claims that the most famous petroglyph of a dinosaur in Kachina Bridge, Utah, is not a dinosaur at all; instead, using drawings to illustrate their point, they are describing it as the combination of two different petroglyphs.

“The most important implication of these findings is that one of the creationist camp’s favorite piece of ‘evidence’ for the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans—a dinosaur petroglyph—doesn’t even exist,” said researcher Phil.

The article goes on to state:

“But the archaeologists who did the subsequent fieldwork knew exactly what they were looking at when they came out to examine the figure.”

Well, I am sure they did! If you believe in the evolution worldview, you could never accept these as dinosaurs because it goes against your preconceived worldview. The only way you would “know exactly what to look for” is if you had a preconceive idea, rather than looking at the evidence objectively.

Leave it to the “scientists” to skew the evidence so they don’t have to abandon their worldview! This comment came to me on Facebook from a friend named Anna and she tells us how Carl Sagan reconciled the facts that flew in the face of evolutionism.

Carl Sagan was so disturbed by the fact that there are dragon legends all across the globe (pointing to the fact that historical humans have interacted with dinosaurs) that he wrote a really lame book trying to say that humans must have an “inherited memory” all the way down the “evolutionary” ladder that made all these cultures think up dragons. Think I’m not telling the truth about this idiocy? Think again:  They are still selling it— The Dragons of Eden.

Thanks Anna—you hit the nail on the head!  Why ignore the truth and instead believe a lie? Oh yeah, that’s right: 2 Peter 3:3.

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If you want the truth on dinosaurs we’ve got it!

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