People debate truth all of the time. In a world of “my truth” and moral relativism, the quest for facts and objective reality is bigger than ever. In the Creation Today show, “Museum of the Bible: Preserving the Word”, Garrett Hinton, CRO of the Washington D.C. museum, says that God’s Word is the source of truth, since it is God’s revelation to mankind. And that fact is supported by the famous psychologist Jordan Peterson! But I’ll leave that story for the show.

So why is it important for Christians to realize the power of the Bible as absolute truth in their lives? If you ask Mr. Hinton, it’s because the younger generation depends on it! We are living with a generation that is biblically illiterate and unwilling to make a change because they do not recognize the Bible as truth. But why not?

Mr. Hinton says that it is easy for believers to take their easy access to the Bible for granted. How often does the average Christian pick up one of their multiple Bibles at home to truly read and study it? Not often enough, unfortunately. So why would we expect a biblically illiterate generation to do any differently?

That’s why the Museum of the Bible is so important! It walks through the preservation of the Word from its earliest manuscripts to the first phone with the Bible app, YouVersion. Even through years of constant attacks from the enemy, God’s Word has been preserved and passed down from generation to generation – all the way to today, with technology making the spread of the Bible faster than ever before. And this show is proof of just how powerful that is. So be sure to schedule some time into your day for this inspirational conversation on-location at the Museum of the Bible!