I think you’re going to love this update!
The Genesis Movie Team is clinging to Galatians 6:9 right now! 
“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Thank you again for your interest in the Genesis Movie. The hard work and passion that has gone into this enormous project is truly beautiful. I am excited about writing this update because just a few days ago some amazing composers delivered the score for the film! Here is what Ralph sent me:

“Hey guys,
The score is finished and it’s awesome!”

Andy Hunter and Robbie Bronnimann have taken this film to the next level with an amazing score. Big Thank You to those guys! Here is what Andy put on his FB page after finishing the score.

“Two hours of movie score completed with @robbiebronniman It sounds amazing and great to be finished!”


Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. It means the world to know that God has surrounded us with people like you who will continue to pray over every aspect of this film. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself!

Now, don’t be jealous, but this weekend Ralph is going to let me watch the film with the completed score. Even though we still have several months of work left and there are still several scenes yet to be rendered out, it will be the first time I get to have the (almost) full experience! I will report back to you and let you know how that goes!

Social Media Update

If you keep an eye on the Genesis Movie Facebook Page then you know that it has been experiencing consistent growth! That is exactly what we have been looking for and are pleased with the numbers we are seeing.

Genesis Movie FB Update March

Budget Update

We are now raising the final 10% of the production budget for the film! It is amazing to see how God has brought us every step of the way so far! We trust that He will continue to provide in miraculous ways! Thank you to all of you who have been used by God to fund this project. We are truly humbled.


Thank you again for praying with us. We count it a privilege to serve our Creator with this film.

Thanks for reading,