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Genetically Modified Mosquito

Have you heard the news? Scientists have created genetically modified mosquitos in an attempt to help control the mosquito population. Because mosquitos carry such a variety of diseases, scientists are discovering ways of reducing the population and ways of switching off the gene that allows malaria to survive inside the mosquito. It is a neat trick, but here is what we think of it:

If it takes a lot of REALLY intelligent scientists YEARS of study and millions of dollars worth of equipment to be able to MODIFY the gene code of the lowly mosquito, why can’t these same people see that the One who WROTE the original code and CREATED the incredibly complex insect was REALLY SMART?  How can anyone with one eye and half a brain believe the mosquito (or any living organism) evolved by chance over billions of years? II Peter 3 hits it right on the head. The scoffers are WILLINGLY IGNORANT.  Like a friend of mine said one time, “They had to have help to be that stupid. They could never have done it on their own!”

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