Lately it seems like my to-do list has the power to multiply.  By the time I finish one task, three more appear in its place, almost instantaneously.  With so many tasks and so little time, I wonder when I will ever get around to finishing that list!

Likewise, you may struggle with finding time to pass out tracts and engage the lost with the Gospel.  I understand!  Life is busy, conversations are difficult, and people can react in strange ways.  Are you actively living out your faith or putting off evangelism for a more convenient time?

It’s Time to Get a Round Tuit!

People say they want to check out their ancestry when they get around to it.  Now they can!  With our brand-new Creation Today Tracts, you can share the Gospel with others while encouraging them to check out what God says about who they are, where they are from, why they are here, and where they are going when they die.  With a catchy front and powerful message on the back, you can encourage others to consider eternity with our unique Round Tuit.

God’s Journey “Live It Out” Package

Not only do we have tracts pointing the way to the cross, our God’s Journey T-shirts and mugs are a fabulous way of reminding others of their origin and destiny without even saying a word.  For a limited time, you can purchase the God’s Journey package, which features a T-shirt and mug at an already awesome price, and 50 FREE “Round Tuit” tracts to pass out to friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

As Christians, let’s declare certainty in an uncertain world and share the truth everywhere!  Creation Today invites you to stand with us, boldly proclaiming the Gospel message.  By wearing this T-shirt, carrying this travel mug, and passing out these “Round Tuits”, you are sharing your faith without speaking a word.  This package makes a perfect gift and a fantastic conversation starter. Let’s tackle that to-do list today!