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How did animals travel from all over the world to get to the Ark?

This question assumes that the world before the flood was like the world is today with animals specialized for certain areas. Today the world is 70% water and the oceans separate the continents. Also, some animals only live in a few selected locations. The Bible teaches that before the flood the water was gathered into one place (Genesis 1:9). There was probably one ocean and much more landmass. Also, if the climate was more temperate, animals could live in all types of places, which means Noah did not have to go gather animals from all over the world. In fact, the Bible says that the animals came to Noah (Genesis 6:20).

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15 Responses to How did animals travel from all over the world to get to the Ark?

  1. Roy Cadow December 6, 2010 at 9:46 am #

    It is amazing people today cannot phathom the idea that the earth today is not at all like it was before the flood. And then there are the Ruin-Reconstructionists who adhere to athiestic science and twist scriptures to fit within the idea of an old earth.

    This is a great, simple answer.

  2. John Bebbington December 6, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    Kent, your model of Noah’s Flood require enormous amounts of energy such that its release would be on such a scale that the entire biosphere would be wiped out. Faith may be able to move mountains in an instant (although it hasn’t done so yet) but the movement of tectonic plates takes a very long stretch of time.

    But let’s ignore the science (that’s just for clever people who have put in the hard work to discover what actually has occurred through geological time) and assume that the lazy scoffers are correct and that the continents travelled at a speed some 10,000 times faster for the last 4,300 years than we know is the case.

    Given that America is a big, heavy place what, in your untutored opinion, caused the continent to slow its movement from over 8 inches an hour to just the inch or two a year at which it currently moves?

  3. Alfred Russell Wallace December 6, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    Kent, you and other creationists make a mistake. If your god truly exists, then his works (the natural world) should be studied with the same vigour as the supposedly holy texts.

    You do your religion a disservice when you ignore evidence that does not support your world view. I guess from your definition of a god, we should devout ourselves to old writings based on him rather than his, supposed, creation.

    Creationists like you use theories to fit facts (ex: getting animals to the ark, the global flood, the reason for old fossilized animals in rock). Instead of using facts to fit theories.

    Darwin’s scientific theory is substantiated by millions of facts, any of which could have called evolution by natural selection into question. Amazingly, the plethora of facts support the scientific theory to the fullest. For this reason, evolution is stronger than a simple fact. It is the understood mechanism for transmutational change.

    Scientist: “Here are the facts, what conclusion can we draw from them?”

    Creationist: “Here is the conclusion (Bible), what facts can we use to support it?”

  4. carlos whitley December 6, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    Dr. Hovind,
    I am an Army Chaplain serving in Afghanistan. I have been using your video series with my Soldiers to strengthen their faith and to challenge others to “think critically.”
    You pointed out that the first men on the earth were quite large compared to man today (9-13 feet tall). I got it, sounds logical. But then later in video 3, I think, youpoint out that that the Arc of Noah was measured using the Egyptian cubit. I don’t remember the exact number of inches. However, if pre-flood man was 9-13 feet tall would not their cubit be much larger. How can the Arc site in Turkey be the real Arc if it used a smaller more modern cubit for its construction? I hope my confusion is clear.
    I am not trying to be sceptical but wouldn’t the Arc of Noah be closer to the size of an aircraft carrier with a cubit from a 9 foot tall man? Please help me understand the difference.
    Thank you for your work and ministry. It is bearing fruit here in Afghanistan.
    Carlos Whitley

  5. Jay Liemowitz December 6, 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    The climate being more temperate doesn’t help solve this problem for literalists. Very few organisms on this planet are capable of surviving anywhere apart from a very specified ecological niche, temperate or not.

    A Bactrian Camel simply wouldn’t survive in the same environment as that of polar bears, and wouldn’t survive at all in any environment (even deserts) that contained large predators, like any one of a hundred different species of theropod dinosaurs, which you claim all lived at the same time and are now claiming all lived in the same location. Emperor penguins survive in the antarctic not despite the extreme conditions, but because the extreme conditions are inhospitable for all but a few predators.

    This proposed solution of yours poses many and much more serious problems than it solves, much like all the proposed creationist apologetics. Contrived explanations for how the flood story could’ve actually happened is as unnecessary as elaborate theories about how Hercules could possibly divert enough rivers to clean Augeas’ stables. There is a far simpler answer for all of the conundrum’s posed by those stories: they simply didn’t happen.

  6. Anthony Carfagno December 6, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    Greeting Dr. Hovind

    Good points specially with the land mass … I oftened wondered
    how Noah got diverse animals such as kangaroo’s or panda’s …
    Dr. It’s a mad house out here. News is bulling the people, I don’t
    to fly … (I don’t want anyone touching me) so gas prices are
    being raised … And the biggest thieves just invested 500 Billion
    Into the economy (AT INTEREST to the economy ) No wonder …
    Yea … It’s a spiral Hilery can’t fix.,
    God bless you Doc …

  7. Michael Fisher December 6, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    The FAR more interesting question is how did the current distribution of species result AFTER the flood.

    You know, only Marsupials in Australia – no placental animals at all. (New Guinea too).

    And NO land mammals of any kind in New Zealand.

    NO land animals of any kind in Hawaii. 41 different genus of Honeycreeper birds however — which, however, are found NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

    The blind cave spiders of Hawaii also present an enigma.

    Then there’s the distribution of assorted plants. Eucalyptus trees, once imported to California grow like weeds. But they are NOT native to California – or anywhere in the world outside Australia/New Guinea. How did Eucalyptus trees get TO Australia — but nowhere else?

    And on and on and on and on and on and on.

    So many questions — absolutely NO answers from creationists.

  8. Ryan Vinter December 6, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    Wow thats cool, also if before the flood there was only a small ocean or 2 before the flood would they be no salt in them only fresh water? If you have had a fresh water fish tank, there is a green weed that grows like crazy an can be hard to get all of it out! I have a theory that perhaps this weed served as food for a dinosaur or something.

    Before the flood it was probably possible to run or walk around the whole globe 🙂

  9. andrew Ryan December 6, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    How come all the marsupials ended up in the antipodes afterwards, and all the penguins ended at the South Pole? Did they walk there from Mt Arrarat?

  10. zack stone December 6, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    What evidence is there that the earth way anything like you say it is, you can easily say the bible says so but there needs to be evidence , something in a book doesn’t make it true (even if it’s a so called holy book) you need external evidences. To make any of your statements true you need to trust the bible.

  11. Henry Fiorentini December 6, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Problem is, that huge landmass is called Pangaea, and we have a very good understanding of how it broke apart.

  12. Henry Fiorentini December 7, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    I agree with Michael Fisher, the better question is how did animals distribute themselves across the Earth AFTER the flood?

  13. Duane December 8, 2010 at 2:27 am #

    @carlos whitley December 6th at 10:57 am

    “Dr. Hovind,
    I am an Army Chaplain serving in Afghanistan. I have been using your video series with my Soldiers to strengthen their faith and to challenge others to “think critically”.”

    I hope you mean you are encouraging soldiers to think for themselves, research what they hear, and not take at face value the ravings of someone like Hovind. I am frightened if you are teaching our brave soldiers that any of this nonsense is true.

  14. Ted Griffith December 10, 2010 at 6:28 am #

    You all do know that if you stop limiting God to what you think is possible the flood becomes very easy for a God who created the universe in 6 days – can certainly flood a planet. I like the hydroplate theory for the particulars. Look it up – it does groove with Gen 7:11. Fountains of the great deep opening – very violent.

    You must have a different god that is limited by what men think is possible. The God of the Bible is no way limited.

    If you doubt the Flood or Creation or Christ’s Ressurection why are you bothering us fantasy dwellers? They are linked at the hip because Christ mentions them in the Gospel. He lying? Incorrect? If he is either he is no God and Christianity is a sham.

    You must – as a matter of solidarity – throw the baby Jesus out with the bathwater – if you will. You deny the record God gave of His son and you make God a liar. 1 John 5 – read it sometime.

    You can equivocate or marginallize the Word if you choose, but beware when you do – for if you start ripping out verses where does it end – and who decides what gets tossed out? Swoon theory is right on the heels of your editing.

  15. Ted Griffith December 10, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Continents erode before arrival under the tectonic theory. Not to mention Genesis is a false hood under tectonic theory.
    Toss out Genesis and Christ referencing it in the NT draws him into suspect for being false.

    Point is that no one alive can tell you how the continents arrived to where they are now. Either very quickly or very slowly. Slowly brings up problems not least of which the bible being a pack of lies. While the secularlists would like nothing more than for this to be true – I do not think this is the case.

    I believe the flood caused Pangea to break up. Within a year the planet was rearranged to basically what it looks like now. With sea level about 3000 feet lower. The continents have sinced drained to bring sea level up to where it is now. Tablemounts eroded at about 3000 feet below sea level testify to this.

    You come into whether you want to be a uniformatarian who thinks all things have been the same since the start and nothing dramatic has happened. Or someone who thinks something spectacular happened in the past.

    Now one route is boring – uniformitarianism – flood didn’t happen because it does not happen now. Ressurection did not happen because it does not happen now. Soul does not exist because you cannot see it. Boring and hopeless.

    It could not rain enough to flood out the planet. That I can offer. The fountains of the great deep all breaking open – could. Would depend on how great the deep was and IF God had the power to do it.

    IF? Are we serious? God has all the power because he is God. He can create the water and drop it if he so chose. If you doubt the existence of God – Creationism is not going to help you much. Perhaps your mortality might.

    If your mortality does not – then your death certainly will improve your chances of believing you were created. And have a Creator.

    The Declaration of Independence says we have a Creator.

    You know in your heart you have a Creator.

    Sure you can deny it and delude yourself with discovery channel specials. You know deep down that you are a unique being and much more than the sum of your parts. People know this.

    How did animals get everywhere after coming off the ark? They walked or were carried or move there. Some died off when the climate normalized and they could not tolerate the shift. Some were specifically carried – no doubt by the people who left the ark to specific regions. There are dozens of possiblities of how a critter got where it is now.

    Certainly people do not honestly believe that they evolved from lower life specifically in their regions? You think man evolved specifically in his region? What happened to the cradle of civilization?

    How can your form of assumption, by assuming things that have not been observed, better than our form of assumption? By your right all things naturally got to where they are today. By our right God set out the kinds and allowed wiggle room to variate to their environments. What has not been seen to happen is a major shift in a critter.

    I can see no benefit in believing that life is naturally evolves into new kinds and that God is a liar. You might be able to see the benefits – less guilt, no rules, ablity to poke fun at Christians and all theists. All I see is social anarchy codified by the utter lack of any morality whatsoever – and eventual damnation. Shoud said Hell exist – which again – Christ lays out the universe in which it does.

    Sure you can doubt Christ – you will not be the first and you sure will not be the last. Doubt, scoff, and mock. It will make you feel better about that splinter in your mind:

    “Is Christ correct?”

    The rise and fall of the whole of Christendom rides on that question. A question we all must ask ourselves before we shed this mortal coil to move onto what lies beyond deaths curtain of uncertainty. Few know what lies behind the curtain – the Bible is one of the few books written with any certainity at all as to what lies backstage- beyond death. Don Piper has a book on it too.

    I always wonder why Christians cannot study and show themselves approved in the matters of Creation. Making a stand for Jesus that heals the lame, was borne of a virgin, and walks on water, and ressurected himself and others – sure. Oh but He was confused about Creation and Noah? Seriously? You are going to go with that?

    In for a penny in for a pound my fellow Christians. Let those evolutionists laugh you to scorn because you take a stand in Genesis – as Christ did in Mark 6. They do not have all the “proof” they say they have. Men have poisioned the wells of reference for 200 years with absolute science fiction. So much so that it would SEEM that evolution is just the way it is.

    It is not.

    At least if evolution is true is Christendom is a lie. Which is only slightly bad because I have invested my soul in it. I know who I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I commited unto Him against that day.

    Evolution would tell me I have no soul. In which case I have invested zero. Nothing ventured, nothing gained/lost. All I see is a win-win scenario here.