world religions magnifying glassOver the past fifteen years I have had the privilege of speaking in almost 500 different churches across our nation. Often, I will ask if anyone knows what today’s fastest growing religion is.  Not surprisingly, the majority-guess is “Islam.” Was that your guess, too? After all, Muslims do seem to be in the news every day. Yet, Islam is not the fastest growing religion.

Maybe you guessed Hinduism or Buddhism with their seemingly vague boundaries, or Mormonism which is now 74,000 full-time missionaries strong. Perhaps it was Catholicism which has made a come-back under Pope Francis, or Jehovah’s Witnesses with their Watchtower Magazine printing 42 million copies each month. But you would still be incorrect.

The fastest growing religion in America, as well as worldwide, is what I like to call, “the Non’s.” This group represents agnostics, atheists, skeptics—the people who blatantly reject the notion of God. And while most would also reject the “religion” label, their views and judgments about religious topics are definitely religious in nature.

According to recent surveys, the number of Americans checking the “non” box has now risen to 23%. That’s almost one-fourth of the population who feel there is no supernatural power who loves them, cares for them, and to whom they ultimately must answer.

Really! Is our Christianity and our churches so dead that no one wants what we have? Or is sin so great, the Non’s don’t want to even think about the possibility of a lifestyle change that their own conscious has already made them question? Are we just not speaking their language? How do churches reach these needy Non’s with the Gospel?

Our minds have been brainwashed by news, academia, and pseudo-science. It even seems at times that in an atmosphere of “let everybody do whatever they want because everyone is entitled to be happy,” we have lost our God-given common sense! How can we best be used of God to un-brainwash the Non’s?paradise lost

The Non’s aren’t flocking into our churches on Sunday morning, so how do churches reach out to these people? We have to go where they are, knowing their mindsets, and praying for God to supernaturally break through their walls.

That is why we have worked for the past seven years to produce Genesis: Paradise Lost, a 3D movie which releases November 13th. Its high-tech animation rivals Discovery Channel’s programming, but instead of promoting a godless world that evolved from nothing to something human over billions of years, Genesis: Paradise Lost gives solid scientific, historical, and biblical evidence of a God-created universe. The film’s spectacular documentary side features leading Ph.D’s in such fields as biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and theology.

While we strive to reach the Non’s, let’s labor to reach the whole world with the Good News that provides the ONLY way to be truly happy! Pray with us that tens of thousands of Non’s will attend the November 13th theatrical release of Genesis: Paradise Lost and hear the Gospel changing message in a way that their skeptical minds can hear!

Creation Today wants to partner with churches in a number we never fathomed before to take this message to the Non’s who will not join us for a worship service. Prayerfully, God will bless and after reaching their heart and mind right where the Non’s are at—they will fill our churches for discipleship and worship.

Churches, will you help us reach the Non’s by supporting Genesis: Paradise Lost on November 13th? Check out our website for more information on how you can be involved in bringing Genesis to your church and community.

For His glory,