As we street witness, we often notice that Christians have a very hard time defending their faith. Many stutter, trip over their words, or have long, awkward silences. When caught of guard, our reasoning for our belief in God may be “I just have faith” or “that’s how I was raised.” We think that we need to be able to give better answers than that.

A couple months ago, we decided to create an opportunity for our online community to use our resources, learn how to give a great defense, and answer the question, “How do you know that God exists?” So, we turned it into a contest. The person with the best one-minute video answer won a great collection of CSE resources. More than just a contest, however, we found that it provided a great opportunity to teach about evangelism. We announced the finalists in a special webcast. Check it out to see the great videos and get practical tips that will help you share your faith.

The first-place winner, Sharon Chimere-Dan, submitted a creative video in the form of a poem. In it, she hit on all three apologetic arguments: personal experience (experiential), natural evidence of God (evidential), and presuppositional (the idea that you can’t know anything apart from God). Her poem provides an excellent answer to the question, “How do you know that God exists?”

How I Know God Exists?

You mean besides His miracles
And fulfilled prophecies
And all He’s shown and done
For many people
And for me

Or how about Jesus
Proven prophet, healer, God is man
Through Him it was revealed
That all things run as per God’s plan

Disciples who endured torture
And were sentenced to die
Would not have done it
Knowing well that Jesus was a lie

He’s all around
Proving Him is like trying to prove the light
Take God out and everything goes dark
As black as night

From death to life
Sunset to sunrise
And written on my heart
Ultimate cause, physical laws
In all, God shows His part

Human desire for something higher
His Words alone ring true
I can’t say God does not exist
I can’t see it
Can you?

—Sharon Chimere-Dan