Is the Bible true? It’s one of the foundational questions of the Christian faith, and the answer is debated widely across faiths and cultures. No matter your answer to this hot button question, you will want to listen to what Mike D’Virgilio has to say on the Creation Today Show, “The Bible…You Can’t Make this Up”. 

According to Mr. D’Virgilio, it does not make sense for the Bible to be man-made, especially considering the context and culture of its various authors. The person of Jesus is a conundrum to Jewish culture. He didn’t fit the mold of a Jewish Messiah. So why would these Jewish authors create a fictional story surrounding a Jewish man who broke cultural norms of the day, but yet was also the promised Messiah? It doesn’t make any sense!

Walking through point after impactful point, Mr. D’Virgilio describes countless examples of how Jesus’ actions do not represent the ideals of Jewish culture, further solidifying the idea that the Bible could not be an invented or imagined document. It would make no sense for these Jewish authors to write the story of the promised Messiah in such a manner. But that’s not all!

Jesus’ actions did not match up with what would be expected of someone trying to start a movement. From promoting abstaining from fleshly desires to advising people to sell all worldly possessions, Jesus was counter cultural in every sense of the word. Why would a group of men conspire to create a story so opposed to the Jewish perception of the coming Messiah? Mr. D’Vigilio’s explanation brings light to these questions like never before.

This conversation is absolutely fascinating, and Mr. D’Vigilio’s love and passion for Scripture make it a must watch. So be sure to grab your Bibles, and follow along as we dive into the “Uninvented” Word of God!