Genesis Movie Night Outreach Events are already impacting communities!  Churches and Creation organizations are sharing their pictures and amazing outreach results hosting their events.  With the movie’s wide appeal to all ages, this intriguing, fun activity attracts people from YOUR entire community.  Hey!  Who doesn’t like a FREE movie complete with FREE popcorn and FREE bottled water?!  Thanks to our hard-working team at Creation Today, we now offer an already organized, out-of-the-box evangelistic outreach for your ministry this summer.  With options to host a showing at your own venue or GO BIG with a 3D event at your local theater, we have everything you need to start planning an evening to remember!

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We will have a special screening of the movie on July 28. We have rented a restaurant for the event and will have teachers and college students as audience. The event is totally free as we want people to have no reasons not to attend. Please pray for this. God bless and thanks for making this movie! ~Dennis and Living Waters Asia (GENESIS: Paradise Lost Special Screening)


The Capital Christian Center reported their event drew visitors that didn’t attend their church and that when they opened the door to the smell of fresh popcorn, people commented it felt like a real theater event.  Some who had not planned to stay for the entire film were too engulfed to leave the experience and even requested DVDs to take home to share with others!
Visitors stayed around conversing about specific topics—evidence that they were really challenged.  The pastor commented that because the information was so vitally important and the movie so well done with its mix of scientists, imagery of creation, epic music, and exquisite narration, that everyone should see it!

Impact YOUR Movie Night!

  • Partner with a local Christian bookstore to put flyers in each shopper’s bag.
  • Add YOUR Genesis Movie Event to:
    • Community Calendars
    • Your Church or Organization Sign
  • Put up posters in local businesses.
  • Play the trailer(s) during your Sunday morning announcements.
  • Insert Movie Tickets or Flyers in your church bulletins.
  • Connect with Regional Creation & Apologetics Groups to support your outreach.
  • Send emails.
  • Add a graphic and/or link to the signature of your personal emails.
  • Purchase Facebook Ads.
  • Set the stage with a full-size Genesis Movie Poster and Popcorn Machine.
  • Think GLOBAL, and purchase this for a missionary YOU support to reach their mission field! Pray for screenings already scheduled in Asia, Poland, The Czech Republic, and Germany.
  • Continue the outreach of YOUR Movie Night with a Call-to-Action:
    • Offer Classes and Bible Studies for further study.
    • Hand out literature for further reading.
    • Offer people opportunities to sign up for other Creation and Apologetics Events.
    • Pass out The Salvation Poem Cards as people leave. People are also ordering these business-size cards to give to people with whom they share Christ’s love.

[button link=””]HOST A GENESIS MOVIE NIGHT![/button]

After your event, please write to us about the success of YOUR Creation-to-the-Cross message outreach.  Send us pictures and let us rejoice with you over souls that YOU impacted for ETERNITY!