One of the greatest challenges Christianity has ever faced is the need to present the Gospel in the language of the people. Under threat of persecution, the early church fathers labored at copying portions of scripture by hand and then sharing the precious manuscripts from church to church. The Reformers were committed to translating the Scriptures from Latin into the common tongue, while multitudes of Christians throughout the centuries have printed and smuggled God’s Word into areas closed to the Gospel. In every age, church leaders have become innovators, creating and harnessing technology for the glory of God. Today, with skepticism on the rise, and religion all but banished from the public sphere, evangelism has again become a challenge. How can we reach souls for Christ when they refuse to darken the church door?

As I travel the country and speak in different venues, I frequently ask my audience how many of them have ever actually read Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of Species.” Very few will raise their hands, and the ones who do seem a little uncertain, as if they fear I will request a book report or give them a pop quiz on the subject. But my next question brings relief, “How many of you have ever seen Jurassic Park?” Nearly every hand flies into the air, from the freckled 8-year-old bouncing in his seat enthusiastically, to the graying grandmother who suddenly comes alive from recalling a movie so vivid and impressive that it altered the way the whole world looks at dinosaurs.

Lately it seems technology is advancing at a rate that practically out dates itself before it is released. Special effects have become more and more explicit, leaving very little to the imagination. And the minds of children are being inevitably shaped as they absorb 20-30 hours of television every week. Today, people do not learn their worldview by reading the scholars, they get their worldview through the movies they watch​ and the news they ​hear​.

That’s why the Genesis Team has labored for over five years to bring you something spectacular — the first biblical movie to show the creation of the world in stunning, 3D animation. Using the most cutting-edge technology, the quality of this film could rival anything produced in Hollywood! It is truly a work of art. Through the prayers and support of God’s people around the world, this film is being released to 1,200 screens on November 13th and 16th.


It is my prayer that you will not only go watch this yourself, but that you will take your skeptic friends with you. Those who enter with an evolutionary worldview will be challenged by the scientific approach to creation and the powerful interviews with ten highly credentialed scientists. But the film doesn’t stop at Creation. We also have three evangelists to connect the dots between Creation and the Cross, as the Gospel is clearly presented for those who do not know Jesus Christ.

Because Genesis: Paradise Lost will only be in theaters for two nights, it is imperative that we get the word out now! Please share this on social media, to your entire email list, and with all of your friends and family. We would love to see thousands of souls brought to Christ through this powerful tool. But they will never go see it, if someone doesn’t tell them.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15

Find your theater at and help us introduce the people of this culture to the Gospel in their language.