By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics

When it comes to the scientific accuracy of the Bible, I contend that whenever the Bible speaks about science it is always accurate. Not only that but one of the greatest proofs that the Bible is a supernatural book is that there are many things written in the Word of God that were not discovered to be scientifically accurate until sometimes hundreds and even thousands of years later.

Apologist, Charlie Campbell, shared this thought well: “The men who penned the Scriptures revealed several amazing facts about the Earth and the universethousands of years before scientists discovered these declarations to be true. This is astounding!…These men lived two, three, four thousand years before the invention of the telescope, microscopes, satellites, deep-diving submarines, and other technologies were around…So how did they know these things? They had ‘inside information’ from the One who created the universe.”1 As a result, I too, have the utmost faith that this advanced knowledge of the Bible, stating scientific facts before scientists discovered them, makes a very convincing case that the Bible is indeed a supernatural book.

Clearly the Bible writers often had no idea that the words they wrote were scientifically way ahead of their time nor did they even know they were making scientific statements. But they had, as Charlie Campbell states, “inside information,” given to them by supernatural revelation from the Creator of the universe.

But as amazing as the above argument is for the supernatural nature of the Bible there is even a more powerful argument for the existence of the God who not only made science possible but who supernaturally created you and me. And this argument concerns the “inside information” contained in your very own DNA molecules within each and every one of your 30 trillion cells that make up “you.” Let me explain.

When you were conceived you weren’t much to look at. You were only a single fertilized egg cell – but or what a cell! Within nine short months this one cell, without a brain, somehow orchestrated the most amazing and complex building process in the universe! Just how did your original cell know when and how to divide to form two cell, then four, and then clusters of others. And how did these daughter cells know when to begin to form tissue and muscle fibers. And how did these multiplied cells then know when and how to form your tiny heart, brain, and all of your other organs. Somehow your original single cell knew how to exchange matter and energy in such intricate ways as to form entire systems within your then tiny frame. Your digestive, circulatory, urinary, and respiratory systems were completed in record time, until nine months later out you came. Clearly all the information needed and the ability to create the 30 trillion cell package called “you” had to reside in your first tiny cell’s DNA molecules preprogrammed as it were to create you.

And here is where the magic really takes place for you see your original single cell had to know that at a future point in time certain unknown substances, i.e., the nutrients from your mother, would come into its sphere of influence and would have to be broken down and reformatted into useful tiny substances that could generate the cell multiplication process. Not only that, but the DNA in your original single cell had to have an incredible storehouse of complex bio-chemical knowledge to orchestrate this entire process. And the only way that your original single cell could be coded with the instructions to perform these incredibly complicated processes on certain unknown future substances is if that cell had advanced “inside information” or foreknowledge. And the only way it could have this foreknowledge is if there is a God who placed it there!

No wonder David said in (Psalm 139:14): “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” My friends the next time someone tells you that the Bible is not a supernatural book and that you are the product of a series of random fortuitous accidents (evolution), let them read this devotional and explain how foreknowledge came about!

Charlie H. Campbell, Apologetics Quotes (Carlsbad, California: The Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry, 2020), p. 59.